Brodie's W800


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Im here, and yes thats a good looking machine you've gotten yourself into. 8)


Gold Coast, Queensland
Now the party begins haha.
Thanks mate. It is one of my dream bikes and I couldn't pass the opportunity to have a new one.

Yet again sorry for the super basic mod updates but I promise it will get better when I do things like fit the new indicators with the stock plugs, make a custom infill plate to hold the new tail light and fit the new bars with holes drilled for the original controls.
The aim is to be so basic anyone can follow it and not stuff up. Feel free to chime in if you think I should add some more info to posts.


Now that would be a very nice scale to weigh the pistons and rods after you have shaved off some grams. ;)

(... and no need to say thank you for the ignition map, just let me know how the old girl does, when you got her back on track. But that's for the other thread!)


Gold Coast, Queensland
Just a quick update. No chance for the write up yet.

Stock mirrors weighed in at 1057grams new ones are 433grams. Saved 624grams there.

Stock bars weighed in at 1663grams new set is 571grams. Saving of 1092grams.

Flyscreen added 469grams.

Weight lost from the control area is 1247grams.

Total so far is 1388grams.



Gold Coast, Queensland
Thanks guys. I wish I had a better camera. My cheap phone messed up the exposure on the panorama shots.

These were taken at Beechmont Mountain. About 40 minutes from my house.


Vmax...why,yes i think i will
looks not dis-similar to the views from my place....... you can hear the banjo's loud and clear across the valley of an evening, over that side of the valley they don't have quad bikes, they have cousin catchers


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I remember wanting a W650 when I was a teenager and then Kwai quit importing them here. Like someone else said, they’d were a few years too early for the retro bike craze here. Looks like loads of fun.

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They definitely hold their value here as well. If you find one for sale it’ll run you about $4500.

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Never sold the W800 here. Was always a fan of the 650 but it commands a high price used. There is one advertised on Kijiji in all of Canada. 2001 with 27,000KM on it for CAD$5,300.

Lot of dough for a 17 year old bike, but about the same as a 45 year old BMW Airhead, so who knows - maybe the W650 will hold its value.


Gold Coast, Queensland
Yeah only 2 years of them for you lot. There is a German shop that sells heaps of cool parts for them. I have seen one with 65hp and a W800 with 80hp.

Not going to go crazy on this one. Just the standard stuff for a fuel injected bike.
It can Do The Ton in its stock form.
Still in love with it. Maybe in a few years I will go for the 814cc high compression kit.

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