Brodie's W800

They are a lovely looking bike. I am yet to see the new ones. None at my dealer yet.

The unit is a "Nighteye" that came in a pair. They were a bit bright for my ute so I thought I would put one in. Has a heat sink and fan so should be ok for cooling. If I remember right it is something silly like 9000 lumens.
I had no issue with mine but I also have no wires but the light in my bucket after rewiring the bike. Also I have an aftermarket bucket which may be bigger
Went for a ride out to Kooralbyn today. Had a quick ride up and down their airstrip.
hi mate, been a while since i checked in, how is covid treating you up there ?

just had a qui8ck look at the new W800 on line, very nice looking toy

also had a look at the new model H2 while i was there, about 230hp, should be sufficient you'd think, unfortunately the only test ride ones available are up your way, most disappointing, you'd think they'd want to sell some down here

i'll just have to finish the ZZR11 and be happy with that

keep up the good work
All good up this way with the virus. They just put a few more restrictions in place for most of the south east but we missed out. So still life as usual.

Stark contrast to what you're dealing with I'm sure.
How are you holding up down there? Looks like a bit of a rough old time.

I still haven't been past to see the new W. I was planning to see if the Cafe seat looked any good on mine. Not sure how the brown will fit.

There is a H2R on a stand at my dealer. Very nice for a sports bike I recon. Although I still got distracted by the Z900rs.
i'm going friggin nuts, i get to go to the park with the dogs once a day and go down to see my mum once a week ( got a pass from the doctor) but otherwise i'm stuck here, no work so the jobkeeper is keeping our heads above water but no cash for beer or bike parts ( not that i'm allowed to go for a ride really)

i know i probably wouldn't fit on the H2 anyway, i'm just entranced by the top speed somewhere above 350, i'm looking forward to getting the zzr11 running so i can at least fulfill a ( stupid ) personal ambition of topping 300. not as easy these days to find somewhere to get away with dumb stuff like that any more, topping 200 - 250 used to be easy, nowhere near as many cops and cameras back in the 80s and 90s. i know a few very out of the way roads but the problem is they're not in the greatest condition and hitting a pothole at over 200 is not as much fun as you'd think.....

anyway good to hear from you, stay safe and stay well
Just booked in to get the exhaust done. September 16th.
The work is getting done by Noel Rogers at Pipework Techniques. His work is exceptional and he has done work on some of John Britten's bikes.
Weighed the bike today using the one wheel at a time method. I will do this again once the new exhaust is on to compare.
It comes in at 95kg on the front.

And 115kg on the rear.

So a total of 210kg. This is with about a half a tank of fuel.
Hopefully the new system will take about 7kg off. Getting ever closer to the 200kg mark.
Also have some new mini indicators coming along with new grips to tidy things up a bit.
The lenses on the bar end indicators are starting to fog up and a few riding buddies have complained about visibility of them.
The cheap grips I have are starting to crack around the ends where the mirrors attach. So some nice Biltwell grips will replace them.

Went for a quick ride over Beechmont and down into Canungra today. Stopped by the Flying Bean for a coffee but they were shut. Continued on to the Outpost at Canungra after that.

I saw a new Royal Enfield twin for the first time as well. The owner pulled up next to me at the Flying Bean. Still glad I got the W over the Enfield.

Last ride with the stock exhaust. New system gets built tomorrow.
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Thanks guys. It is a great bike to ride as well.
I am not a fan of the new version though. They have taken away all the little touches that make it so nice I feel. Minor stuff like chromed bolt covers, chrome oil filter cover and large guards. The new version is nice but it doesn't grab my eye like mine does.

She is in to get the exhaust done today. I have been told it may be a week until it is done as Noel is swamped with work. He had a Matchless sitting out the front which I got to have a good look over.
I was sent a sneak peek photo of the finished exhaust before I pick the bike up tomorrow. Can't wait to have it back.
Thanks mate, 2into1. The bends are hand bent using the sand bending method. Noel has put a lot of time into getting them done just right.
Just got home from the first ride with the new exhaust. I am more than happy with how it turned out. Has a beautiful note on idle and a raspy growl when the throttle is on.
No decent pictures yet but here are a few close ups of the system.


Graceful lines! Well worth the extra effort and a testament to Noel's craftsmanship.
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