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Glyphosate 680 works wonders, but I am sure the neighbour will notice if all her bamboo starts to turn brown and die.

So it looks like it might be plastic weed mat for under where I plan to turf and concrete around the slab.
IF the neighbors plants damage your fence or building don't you have case for a suit? Even if they get along with you? I mean if its on your side of the fence its technically yours, can spray it out if you like. If it gets it on the other side oh well I'm one to spray just to keep invading plants out of my yard. We have a plant called Johnson grass that is an absolute PITA, it spreads primarily, can't dig it up, have to spray it out if you want it gone.

I know its more work, but you could dig a tench below the level of the rhizomes at the fence line and and put a barrier in to keep it from spreading. Personally I hate the stuff, it would be dead if I had to deal with it.
Yeah but as my old man always said "Pick your battles"

My neighbour is the kind that sits at home all day doing god knows. I just sprayed the living hell out of it, should keep it at bay.

Ohh an the workshop is being delivered tomorrow. Hopefully it will go up. I am on night shift tonight and tomorrow so I doubt I will get much sleep with a shed being built outside the window.
Ohh man, I don't believe this shit...

So the build is postponed until next week, apparently they left a message last week to let me know.. I don't have voicemail so I don't know how they left a message.

So I have no idea why I believed they might have built it when they said they would, everything else was late.

Now to postpone my annual leave 1 week...
The shed arrived today. I have not taken a picture yet but it is there, sitting in my driveway, blocking my carport.. The bloke only had a crane truck so he could only move it so far.
Looks like the cat will loose her new favourite sun spot though.

In other news I scored some free concrete when a neighbour was having their driveway done. Not much but enough to cover most of the drain pipe.
So after some delays, a bit of rain and some smart arse phone calls from an annoyed customer the shed is under way. Building starts today, within the hour I was told.

Here is how it stands now. 2 pallets. Should be a shed soon enough.

Yup we go from erector sets to erection sets (bewb lovers) to tool sheds where we turn abandoned metal into bug catchers ;D

Kit looks solid! Hope for your sake they get busy man... times a wastin :eek:
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