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BTW there is a typo in the post above. I said I had the engine at TDC: I meant to write that I had the engine locked by the ignition timing tool.


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I have Mikunis, they seem to work well. I’ve been told the Amals are great on these bikes but I don’t want to spend the cash for them.

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Been Around the Block
OK, I'm back! I had a brush with Covid over the Christmas/New Year period. As I'm fully vaxxed and boosted it was like a severe cold for a few days, then tiredness, then a relapse for two days, then tiredness. I still get tired easily so I'm not fully recovered from it, but am around 90%.

Anyway, I gave the swingarm back to the guys who pressed the bearings in, and they had a go at reaming it out so the pin would move freely. Only partially successful, there's still a step at the point where the two bushes meet, but it is a lot better: I can get it all the way through and back out again now.

I set up like so:

Get the swingarm roughly in place, and then mount the other end into the two shocks. This just holds everything roughly in place. Then smear the pin with anti-seize, and start pushing the pin through:

I needed to resort to a rubber hammer and then a bigger hammer as it went through, but it was never too hard: just had to knock it in. I used an old bolt to guide the locking hole over the hole in the frame as it got closer:

and got it through!

On with the serrated washer and nut:

and a nice shiny M8 Allen head bolt and Nyloc nut on the locking hole:

Job's a good'un! I hope.

Swingarm moves smoothly around the pivot with no tight spots.

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