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So, got the exhaust on today. The two-into-one header is not well made as far as the left cylinder and the join between the two pipes is concerned. You can get any two, but not all three, connections made tightly:

I used tiedowns to pull the header into shape and into alignment with the mounting point on the frame:

Then on with a nice little angled piece:

And then on went a Dime City Cycles muffler I had from a previous project years ago:

I quite like the looks of the final exhaust. I made up a hanger for the muffler using an M8 bolt and some nuts:

for that 'fresh from the factory' look :cool: . Alignment with the shocks looks OK at this point:

But I'll know better when the swingarm is on and the wheel mounted. Worst-case I may need to increase the offset distance.


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That pipe is an accurate reproduction. There is no simple way to push the headers into/onto the head when the exhaust ports are splayed. Siamese pipes on A10's were just as bad and I see it came with an original exhaust spacer. That looks totally period too.

OK i'm being somewhat sarcastic, but those exhausts were always a PIA to fit. I seem to recall that there was a sequence that parts had to be fitted, but they were never easy. You did well.


Been Around the Block
Thanks Goldy. I'm pretty sure they're on as well as I can get 'em. Maybe once the engine's running and they get hot they can relax into the exact right position. Or maybe that's wishful thinking

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