Burgh meet-n-greet

Welcome ZJ, stop out even if you have to cage it. You can meet some of the other local riders and probably get some help with the hoop.
beatnic said:
There are some of us meeting Tues night at Rocky's II, 1652 Island Ave ( rt51 north ) 15136. Good food, free pool, cheap drinks, so if anyone's interested stop out. Probably get there around 7:00

Perhaps it would have been a bit more logical to start a NEW thread titled "2012 Meet-n-Greet". That way I wouldn't have had to wade through 16 or 17 pages of 2 yr old stuff finding the current info. Just sayin' ;-)))))))))

Anyway, finished the '68 TR6 late last Nov and it rapidly got to cold to ride. Also, was trying to run it as capacitor start only. Well, THAT didn't turn out well!

Now has new battery installed and 2 new tires on order. I've nicknamed the bike "bar sinisTR6". Bonus points for those who know what this means. ;-))

Anything going on at the Bethel Park location this year?

Upon careful consideration (yeah, right!), is there enough people in the eastern suburbs to get a get-together goin' on out this way? Is there enough interest?

Yeah, Bradsco, we will be at Rocky's II tonight. If its nice, out on the patio...
usually there by 7:00, stop out...
Wait - There's something going on at Rocky's tonight???? hehehe

I'll be there around 7 too.
As long as I can get the new tires mounted, and the side cover gasket changed in time, Im going to ride up for a minute. Cant stay long, but am sick of missing it.
Hey, There isnt a MD thread but PA line a pretty much a stones throw away from my house. Is there ever any bike meet ups or swap meets in the Pittsburgh area?
Hey Andrew, welcome to DTT. There is a pretty big group of us in the PGH area. We do have meet-ups and there are a few other events. I'll be sure to let you know next time something is going on...
Hi Everyone,

New to bike building. Halfway done with my first build (motor/carbs all sorted out and running well, new fuel tank selected working on cosmetics now): a 1982 Yamaha XJ750 Maxim. This one has been interesting as it is incredibly hard to make one look good, in my opinion.

I also have a '73 CB750 that I will start working on in February.

Both builds are currently happening in my Bloomfield basement, done by no one else but myself, since I have no friends into building things.

I haven't started a build thread but I will soon. Shoot me a PM sometime. It would be nice to share booze, stories, tools, and tips with some other locals!
Did you say you are in Bloomfield ? If so there is a group of guys that meet up at The Bloomfield Bridge Tavern on Thursday night . Look up a group called Ride or Rot on facebook
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