Burgh meet-n-greet

Spoonz said:
Anything going on this month?

Matter of fact, maybe. I was talking to Doug and Jim and there was a mention if getting together next tuesday for wings. It's in Ellwood City and starts at 6 but we need some people to get there early to get seats.
Hi locals, just signed up on here and wanted to see if anything was going on. Had a cb550 and just moved up to a thruxton. Anything going on soon? Hope to meet some people around here.



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There are some of us meeting Tues night at Rocky's II, 1652 Island Ave ( rt51 north ) 15136. Good food, free pool, cheap drinks, so if anyone's interested stop out. Probably get there around 7:00
Jim is working out of his house now, we have a couple of events planned at Rocky's this summer, so its where we've been meeting. Ride out tomorrow if you're available.
Yeah. Couldn't make this one. Probably not the next few. Bike is undergoing surgery after taking a plunge off the bike table tonight. Took out my right clip-on, my rear turn signal and damn near punctured the tank, plus it fucked up my new hand-made fiberglass seat a bit. Gonna have my hands full.
Shit just realized if it's every tuesday I'm never going to be able to make it. Son has boy scouts those nights.
Hello all! Just recently moved to Pitt, and bought a '75 cb550. I am looking to get a seat hoop welded on and a seat pan. Does anyone have any suggestions/ recommendations on any welders? Thanks for the help! I hope to be joining you guys every tuesday by August!
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