Burgh meet-n-greet

Yeah, I offered the same. I'm actually off a couple of those days and figured it would be nice to get the Pitt guys together.

We could have a bonfire or something that week instead- I've got the space and the time.
Thanks Guys ;D I just emailed passport Canada last night to find out the status and put a travel date in, it will be 3 days before I can expect an answer according to the site. Firggin takes forever to get a renewal. In hindsite I could have gone to the office 2 hours from my house and done the renewal request and kept my old passport to use until the new one comes in. Live and learn for next time. I will keep you guys updated on whether I can make the trip, really hope I can.


thanks! yeah im about 20min from you then. new castle is not far from me .. my bike is actually a 74' honda cb200.. i love them! something about the tank gets me! ill will start a thread right now..looking forward to meeting everyone!
Jim and I talked about the 13th. Good day / bad day for everyone? Be nice to get a lot of bikes out for pics.
Looks like Tues Sept 13th is the day. Hopefully the weather cooperates and we get lots of bikes out.
Damn! I got called into work Tuesday night. Can't wait for retirement......

You guys have fun.
I'm out too. I do have some news though - I need to talk to some people first then I'll tell you guys.
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