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Back at er
The panels are looking great. I was curious to see where you were going with that skeleton. Some bead rolling to match the tank could be interesting.

From putting a few miles on mine now I find what really woke this motor up is losing nearly 100lbs off the bike. I really like a low end motor too - I don't like having to rev the nuts off it just to move with traffic.

I wouldn't call it fast, but it's powerful and deceptively quick just up to illegal speeds. :)


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Finished the muffler. The can is a Two Brothers pipe that I shortened to fit under the seat. The tip was fabricated from 2 Mercedes exhaust tips a short piece of tubing and a couple of jigsaw pieces to close it all in. I cut the tip off the muffler and made a mount that bolts it all together. Getting it all to line up was a bitch but worked out great. I am going to make a heat guard between the seat and muffler. Next is the exhaust system itself. I already know how I'm going to route it just need to find some time to make it.


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Nick Ol' Eye
I'm just not sold on the muffler tips. The tail section looks great, but the split tailpipes makes it look cheap compared to the craftsmanship of the pipe and panels.

Maybe a single more subtle muffler would fit the bill. Or rectangular to mirror the subframe under the seat could be cool.


"Stay Thirsty my Friends"
advCo said:
I'm just not sold on the muffler tips. The tail section looks great, but the split tailpipes makes it look cheap compared to the craftsmanship of the pipe and panels.

Maybe a single more subtle muffler would fit the bill. Or rectangular to mirror the subframe under the seat could be cool.
I agree, there is just something that throws my eyes...

That subframe is gorgeous, especially with the panels you made. I think a couple tips that fill the space cutout for the exhaust tighter and more streamlined is the way to go... like a square box but contoured to flow with the curve of the tail.

As always I'm probably doing a terrible job putting this in words, I wish I had my drawing tablet to show you what I mean a little better. That being said I love the direction you are going, keep it up, it's a great looking build

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where does this go?
I really like the dual exhaust outlets, but maybe there is a lack of visual flow that makes you do a double take to figure out if something is askew. Seems odd since your fitment is so nicely done - a whole lot of work to get it to this point. It is hard to tell from the pics, but perhaps the outlet tubes need to be more perpendicular in the vertical plane to the "surface" of the bodywork. They look like they point down compared to the visual surface they "exit" from. If you are keeping the factory baloney cut on the tips, it may be impossible to aim the tube right without having the skewed end looking wrong. Also, with the outlets splayed apart at such a large angle the "Y" is super obvious being so close to the exterior of the tail. This would not be a problem if you either fit a tail light between the outlets, or add/rework your tail framing to wrap around the back of the outlets like the front does. If you look at how car exhausts look these days (they are often similar to your scheme with the tips "fitted" into the bodywork), they are usually parallel to the ground, and usually pointing straight back. I don't think they necessarily have to point dead astern, but when relating them so heavily to the bodywork, they would seem to need to align with either a prominent body line (like the pitch of your rear sub frame) or the level ground to not look awkward. None the less a lot of great work here - keep it going!


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Friggn looks great man! That will be an interesting sound also.

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Back at er
From what I remember about two bros, that is going to be loud. I prefer the 920 engine with a bit of muffling as when it's too open, you lose all of its very limited musical quality and it try's too hard to imitate a Harley without the lumpy character.

I also think you have a great opportunity to show off some craftsmanship with the exhaust and by using car tips it could look rushed and less refined. A nice stainless oval that follows the radius of the cutout area for the exhaust but doesn't drop too far down could be good.

If I were doing it I would come out of the can with a flange with two pipes so it doesn't look like you're making a y as well.


Been Around the Block
I was a little undecided about the exhaust myself. That said I always try and use parts I already have and make something out of them. I is definitely more cost effective. The pics do make things look a little off, but in reality it flows better than the pics show. Most of what you can see from the rear of the tips will not be seen because I was planning on making a fitted panel for the tail light and blinkers to fit into. Also the tips will be powder coated a dark grey or black and the frame is probably going to be red. This will make the tips appear smaller and bring the focus back to the frame. I have to at least try and bring my vision to a reality. I can always make something a little different if I don't like it in the end. The other thing that I may make is a completely different tail section so I can give the bike two different looks. 4 bolts and I can remove the whole tail section. The battery and all electronics will be mounted under the tank which would make 2 interchangeable tails possible.
As for the sound I can live with it being a little loud.
I appreciate all the interest and feedback, good to have other opinions from guys that have built some pretty cool bikes.


Been Around the Block
Getting Back at it. I came up with a taillight and headlight. Cut the front cowl on a plasma and welded it up. Going to used 2 projector beam lights.


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Been Around the Block
irk miller said:
The halo light looks cool. What's that out of?
I got the halo headlight off E-bay it is a universal one that fits several sport bikes.


Coast to Coast
Those halo led lights are actually decent on light output. I used one for my bike, but I removed the halo and painted the ring after turning it smooth. They sell them to mount inplace of a bulb on more modern lights.


Been Around the Block
I found a good aftermarket top triple clamp on e-bay which made it easier to mount my bars to. As much as I liked the look of the clip-ons I will take the MX style bars and comfort any day. I used some adjustable universal bar clamps and some pro taper bars that I had. I also mounted a Koso RX-2N GP multifunction meter to the top clamp.


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Finally got around to the exhaust system. I am using several stock YFZ450 and CRF450 stainless pipes as donors for my bends. I decided to run the rear pipe down through the swingarm, under the linkage, back up around the swingarm through the frame, into a Y and into the muffler. Easy enough right???? Well tacked it up and have 2 slip joints so it can al fit together. Just need to make the front pipe so it is equal length to the rear.


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