CB360 from rat cafe to real bike!


Coast to Coast
I bought a CB360 a couple years ago that needed some work

this is how it started when I got it, recently survived an electrical fire due to lithium battery without the properly upgraded charging system

I built a makeshift workbench and began the dissasembly - motor was in decent condition but I opted for a rebuild, glad I did - you'll see why

some in betweens:

moved the project indoors to my friend's garage where we have a welder, drill press, other tools and some bikes in various states of awesomeness

did some mock up of the frame after a lot of input from members here about the rear suspension that I should have never attempted but did anyway

painted frame and then began assembling the parts and engine into the frame:


and the results are below with specs!


Paint is Krylon Satin Jade - covered with spraymaxx 2k glamour clear
rear cowl and seat is a Dime City Cycles "brass cafe" chopped to all but the cowling part and shortened about 6 inches

Engine Modifications:
Bored out to 378cc (used lighter pistons from an 82 Suzuki GS850)
Extensive modifications to oil system and clutch
Rick's MS High Output Stator
Rick's MS Hotshot Rotor
KPMI oversized valves and Titanium Springs
Mildly Ported Head
PJ - modified CV carburetors
Speedy Seigl Racing header flanges
Modified Exhaust Headers
Lani's Custom Copper Gaskets
Rebel Gears 520 Chain conversion

Frame Modifications:
Shortened rear subframe
Custom shock mounts
Shed over 12 lbs off the frame alone

Suspension Modifications:
Rear 3way reservoir shocks
Extended swingarm, enclosed
Bronze swingarm bushings
Energy Cartridge emulators
GSXR steering damper
AllBalls steering head bearing conversion
4-into-1 clipon handlebars & coke bottle grips

Brake Modifications:
Drilled and skimmed front rotor
Gremica remote master cylinder hidden under tank
Custom brake hoses, levers, and cables
Drilled rear drum housing
Speedy Seigl Racing aluminum brake stay
Aluminum and carbon fiber rear brake actuator
Drilled rear CJ pedal

Electrical Modifications:
High output 5ohm ignition coils
Custom wiring harness
Anti-Gravity lithium battery
Speed Moto Co. Led headlight
Prism Motorcycles USA Led tail light
Just Some aluminum angle, cut it to mount over the upper shock mount and holds the tag, stop/tail and tag light
Just noticed the coils, look cool !

Might need a new set of coils myself, and like the look of these, where are they from ?

When you say modified exhaust header, can you go a little more in depth?


Bike looks great.
MiniatureNinja said:
if only I could find some fuel hose that didn't yellow after a week, and figure out why my K&N filters turn gray and dry out after 2 days :(

You can get tygon pvc fuel line in a bunch of colors, just not clear. I use the grey stuff. Motion Pro brands some.

WhyNot said:
When you say modified exhaust header, can you go a little more in depth?


Bike looks great.
I used a set of cj headers, and welded on about 18" of straight 1-5/8" tubing. I plan to merge these and use a single cone engineering muffler or just two cheaper emgo mufflers angle up similar to the supersport bikes
showed up the last bike meet of the year and no one was there. took a couple photos. then went and planned my own bike meet with friends.

Oops haha Im getting too old for this...why start a second build thread?

Confusing to an old man like me. ;)
trek97 said:
Oops haha Im getting too old for this...why start a second build thread?

Confusing to an old man like me. ;)
This is the show off thread, completed bike pictures without all the clutter of the project thread. As project is "complete"

I'm in California!
Oh OK Im with you.

Its a real nifty looking machine. Needs fenders and a fatter seat pad. ;) haha kidding, enjoy it bud. In California you've got the weather for it.
sound UP


local bikes and beer ride in - bike won a people's choice, which is amazing because there was a 100% custom bike with a crosly motor and indian front end, bmw trans and crazy body work right near my bike (maybe people meant to vote for him?!)
I love the rear brake torque arm.

How about slipping some stainless braid or cable spiral of a the fuel hoses?
I've ordered the correct factory honda 5.5mm fuel hose - the filters are just cheap autoparts store 1/4" powersports filters

the fuel hose that was on there is just vinyl hose from the hardware store
Supergyro said:
Is that your speedo down above the points cover? Great looking build!

Nope, that's the tachometer!

also, bike will be at The One Motorcycle Show in Portland this year! come check it out - biggest moto show there is
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