CB360 from rat cafe to real bike!


Coast to Coast
1 year Update:

It was invited to the 1 Moto Show in Portland Oregon - a once a year show with top builders and I feel super humbled to have been invited along side the likes of Madhouse, Boxer Metal, CROIG, and others I've looked up to. It was a hell of a trip there - I'm 12 hours away... it snowed. We put the bike in the truck and hauled it there and back (it snowed heavily on us both ways)

Bike was also featured on Bike Bound Blog after one of their editors noticed it at the 1 Moto. Lots of instagram fans followed... i try to keep it updated with pics of the bike and stuff I am working on

According to my Google Maps Timeline i've ridden the bike 1432 miles since "finished" in last July. It's broken down twice, both my fault (battery cable fell off once, and fuel petcock clogged up once)
Recently I made the final switch to Alloy rims. It was a chore - more than I bargained for.. arms were sore getting tires on and off by hand and truing spokes. It's really NOT that much of a weight savings and to be honest I wouldn't do it on another bike.

It's loud - smelly - uncomfortable. The licence plate won't stay put and is mostly crushed by the shock reservoir. I don't always ride it with the 'stacks - only if I've going to a show or something. The sun has faded away the "cheaper" clip on bar's black finish to a dull purple/brown. (typical of cheaper black powders/anno) But the paint is still great and the raw polished aluminium is easy to maintain. I haven't updated/finished the exhaust.. it's too loud - WAY too loud. I like it that way for now. Bike turns heads everywhere I go. It's been on display in a local Brewery for a month which was OK because it was really too cold to ride in April anyway here in the Foothills.

Been attending local bike meets twice a month with it, made a lot of friends - lots of fun to talk shop and old bikes... as it were... most of the "old guys" (I'm 38) had one of these CB360s at some time... I get lots of stores of trips up/down the coast with their high school sweeties... They love that I've kept it a CB360

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