CB360 from rat cafe to real bike!

Looks like you have the speedo gear plugged. Do you plan to run it? If not, pull it and you won't be too narrow anymore. Then run a GPS speedo or something similar.
funny story about the speedometer drive - a 3d modeler saw my bike on bikeboundblog and recreated it in 3d render (https://www.artstation.com/artwork/mqrOmy) They got a lot of details right (including the fucked up speedo drive position, which was that way just because I never cared to fix it) and I've wanted to keep it. But I did end up remove it, destroying it and using the spacer out of it now that I had to put everything back together with the stock stuff until I finish up the 550 triples.

but even with it removed... two discs won't fit between the xl350 triples. SHAME
oh well.. that's bike building with old parts. at least I have more parts to finish one of my other projects.
I love this bike, definitely an inspiration for my 360 build. Very cool to see you're still working on improving it. In terms of the top triples, my 360's top triple came to me cracked, so I bought one of the super well machined units from Cognito:


They use a cool hidden set screw on the inside of the fork tube with some little machined pinch things, its pretty nifty. If you get the cash, I wonder if cognito would make one of those machined triples with 35mm holes for the forks.
My triple tree was completely broken so $130 for a machined billet aluminum triple tree with hidden bolts that looks so clean seemed reasonable. The part I just couldn't pay for that I wish I could was the integrated motogadget guages :). Now I just need to figure out what I am doing for guages, but I don't want to clutter up this beautiful machined part.

If you want pics of how the hidden clamp-screw things work let me know, I can take a few photos.
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