CB360 - OEM+ lets see what happens here.


Loves Stock Airboxes
So, I've been just riding this bike to work and back all the damn time and having a blast.

Oddly enough, the one thing that's bugging me (other than having a bad ground on my headlight circuit) is that my turn signal indicator doesn't tell me which directional is on.

I did it the hard way and wish I'd done it the easy way in hindsight.

I still haven't fitted rear signals yet, so It feels like the bike is still sitting in an incomplete state. I tell myself that the new seat will open up the original mounts and all I have to do is fix the robot to help make the new seat. All I have to do to fix the robot is to clean the garage so that there isn't shit sitting on the robot. maybe next year - this year I just keep choosing to ride.


~~~If it ain't raining, I'm riding~~{iii}?~~prost~

wish I could just ride some of mine.

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