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once pj finishes his bike, well all be put in enough shame that we just wont build anything afterwords and just look at his bike and have wet dreams about it all night.
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Finally got hub 99% finished, also got bill from hospital.
Insurance company got billed almost $12,000 but negotiated it down to about $4,000.
I still have to pay about $1,500.
Almost $300 an hour 'my cost' :eek:
Anyway, here's pics of rear hub, needs a bit of cleaning and touch up.



I'm not worried about it being weakened as it was probably designed for worst case scenario of 5~600lbs loading and even at 225 I probably wont be stressing it outside of its limits (but I do have a spare hub if cracks develop later)
The weak point is the big circlip holding sprocket on, that hasn't been touched.
Was a lot more work than anticipated, I drilled and tapped 4mm thread inside hub to hold perforated plate (you can't drill thin perforated plate, drill 'catches' and tears up pretty good)
I ended up making a 5 piece punch plate , drilled 4mm hole to allow punching out holes in perf plates. Made punch out of ld Harley spoke (4mm, surprised me ;))
Was at different docs yesterday, more different meds, maybe this will work?
will keep everyone informed

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glad to see an update! ouch on the bill. i learned last week that my labour is worth 70 dollars an hour. i get 8.50 an hour. so thats why my boss wont fire me....

keep us informed! this thread inspires me to work... and gives me some serious ideas!
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Hospital bills suck.

Rocan- you need to ask for a raise. 
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diesel450 said:
Rocan- you need to ask for a raise. 
:D i just got raised from 7.50 to 8.50. i get all my bicycle parts at cost so i consider that a big part of why i dont need a raise. maybe this summer when im working more then once a week ill ask for one.
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Thanks for the update PJ! I'm sure I speak for everybody - hope the meds help out.

That hub looks amazing! Great work!
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Built the rear wheel yesterday, it looks even better assembled.
Didn't scuff spokes up enough so paint didn't stick to chrome too well (plus, I got impatient ;D)
Inside hubs are painted because they will be visible through 'vented' brake plates.
Rear is getting flat head stainless allen bolts to hold mesh in place (when I finish modifying them)
Probably going to do some work on V-Max heads later
Here's link to 378 album


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wow. those look great. almost want to take my wheels apart and cut away. glad to see youre getting to work on the bikes
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crazypj said:
:eek: Threadjack ;D
I've had my own business and I used to run workshops, you need to keep track of billable hours.
It's really unusual to be able to work more than 6.5~7.0 hrs a day (8 hr day) little things get in the way (B.S.with customers, getting parts, 'bathroom breaks', test rides, etc)
That isn't the same as billable hours (what customer pays for fixed price jobs)
You also have to take into account the shop insurance, property taxes, lights and other overheads necessary just to stay in business (things that don't go away even if there is no work)


sorry for the jack pj.

yeah i hear you on the cost of labor.i worked 7.50 an hour for the past 5 months before my boss gave me a raise to 8.50. i just couldnt ask for it since i know that the profit isnt all that great. business took off this summer though... i know for a fact its in the budget to get a little raise.

end thread jack.

that wheel looks amazing. is the blue a hint at the color of the rest of the bike? also i get the feeling that brake dust will make that wheel loose its beauty. :(
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Nah, blue is international standard colour for sectioned parts.
Went to true wheel this morning, wasn't happy with the aftermarket spokes into Yamaha rim, screwed down a bit far for my liking so needed cup washers under nipples.
The Yam rim also has slightly deeper 'dimples' in rim than Honda
Went to Home Despot and bought 4 packs of # 10 brass washers (come in 10 to pack ::)) then domed them.
They are thicker than 'proper' spoke nipple washers so perfect for this application
Raised a burr, so had to file 36 to fit nipples (did the other 4 as well, ready for 'next time' ;D)
Just finished fitting washers, heres pic of what I had to modify (its close up, really about one third size shown)
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that took ages to do... didnt it?
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Took about 45min to do washers then another 20~30 mins to fit them under nipples on wheel. (and a little while to true wheel ;D)
Thumb and finger got a bit filed down de-burring the holes ;)
Rear wheel got trued to eight thousandths of inch.(front is at ten thou)
Both will need redoing after a few hundred miles.
You can't true out the weld area though I tried ::) (took me a little while to figure out why I had 0.030" 'hop')

Wheels are now 99.9999% done, (still want to fit stainless flat heads to hold mesh into brake drum)
Probably posted already but, I fitted 90/90x18 front and 110/90x18 rear on WM3 XS650 rims.
Total for both wheels is in the 50~60 hrs range, stupid amount of time but I think they look pretty good and they are a lot lighter than 'narrow' stock rims, about 40lbs with tyres for pair :eek:
Because of the polishing on rims, it wouldn't have been much quicker with new rims (unless I bought the $2~300.00 ones from Buchanan's) Now you all know what $1500~$2,000.00 wheels look like ;)
Guess it means I can't sell it 8)
Got appointment with surgeon on Monday, elbow/fingers seem to be getting worse again (pretty stressed about it)
Anyway, here's pic
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man those look great. 40 lbs is damn light... a stock 350 front wheel with axle weighed about 26 lbs when i shipped it... LACKING tire.

good luck with the surgeon... glad to see your still getting stuff done!
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Damn PJ, you're working on a 15,000.00 cafe. Slap a dozen decals on it and post it on Carpy's site. :)

Joking aside, that is really nice work. Sorry to hear about the continuing medical pains.
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Sorry to hear about more medical issues. Hope you get some good news soon.

Wheels look amazing PJ!
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Not update on bike but update on me
Surgeon says I have 3 separate issues going on which need 3 separate surgeries.
Luckily they can all be done at the same time.
Having an MRI on shoulder next week to see exactly whats gone wrong there, wont know about elbow until I'm 'opened up', (there are two types of repair, micro/'keyhole' surgery and major surgery :eek: :eek:)
Thumb has problem inside joint which is a 'simple' fix ???
Doc says I should be off a couple of days, doesn't recommend driving for a few days~week (I have manual transmission) and doesn't recommend riding bike for at least 8~10 weeks (as its been almost 8 months so far, that won't be any more of a problem than it is already)
Will probably be at least another month before anything 'major' happens
Now it depends on insurance company, will they pick up tab for total or try and say some of it isn't needed ?
As for the other issues I had, just discovered I have a $1,500.00 annual co-pay that I knew nothing about and CIGNA wont pay their 70% until I get to $5,500?
Seems pretty weird as I didn't sign up for that and, they are already paying part costs?
My wife used to work in medical billing, she's going to call tomorrow and maybe get things sorted out
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You'd be surprised how much they can fix with orthoscopic surgery. They were expecting to do the BIG cut on me, but scoped it first, once he was in there he repaired LOTS and all I have is 5 small incisions. Startin to be able to move it a bit, pain is getting much better too....only 3 weeks since my surgery, and I'm feelin pretty good, not great but good. He left my elbow alone, think he should have done the ulner nerve at the same time, tinglin fingers is gettin worse again.

Are they doing an arthrogram on your shoulder or just an MRI ? Arthrograms show more, but they fill the joint up with dye, they missed twice on me and got it on the 3rd try, bruised up like a 3 dollar whore after a good beat down from a pissed pimp LOL.

Hope your insurance covers the big $ for you PJ. Get better man.
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Had MRI on 17th and went back to see doc on 24th.
More steroid injections into shoulder and thumb. Going back in 5 weeks for further evaluation. Thumb hurts like hellat present after novocain (or whatever) wore off
I made some fixtures so I could mount degree wheel and magnetic base to check cam timing with the 0.030" skimmed head and big bore 'kit'
Cam timing is seriously mild (at 0.040" lift)
intake opens 5deg BTDC and closed 42deg after BDC
Exhaust opens 42deg before BDC and closes 7 deg after TDC.
This is retarded from stock due to head being closer to block (chain in effect, gets 'longer' so cams open later)
I'll slot bolt holes a bit and get things moving probably 5 deg earlier

I also made some real good headway on the Katana fork conversion, bottom yoke has steering stem removed and all the casting/forging marks ground off then smoothed with 80 grit flap wheel. Got to remove stem from 360 yoke and weld into Suzuki one. Looks like bottom bearing area is same diameter on Honda and Suzuki which should make life easy. Forgot to take picture of it, may get one tomorrow

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