CB550 Bobber-Junkyard Dog

ok got it out of the weeds

got the airbox battery box and carbs off

got a set of mikunis on it

fresh oil

and its up and running

so some work to get tires and brakes then i can start road testing it unless john wants to come test drive these on his bike?
I’m only in NC a couple of days a week right now. I wouldn’t be able to make it up there this weekend. Let me get with you in a week or two and I may be able to make it happen.

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i will get the one i have on the road

it will just take me a week or so

its not just riding time it has to go get flogged on the dyno a few times to
While I’m at it, does anyone know the correct ignition timing for a 550? Since I’ve got the Dyna 2000 on there it has a timing degree wheel on the crank and I’m not going by the factory T/F marks.

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Well, I haven’t had much time for riding or wrenching lately. She hasn’t been running very well. I still have carburetor issues but haven’t really had time to try and address it. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will get a little more time on my hands.

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The Junkyard Dog is finally up and running again. I moved over the summer and it took a while before I was able to work on the bike again.

Found that the inside of my tank was a lot more grungy than I thought and debris was clogging my carbs. I cleaned and lined the tank with Caswell. I got tired of fixing stuff on the 40 year old carbs so I called Murray’s Carbs and got a set of his manifolds and Mikuni carbs. Had to remove my little switch bracket to make room for the carbs so I relocated the switches to the under seat plate that holds the rest of the electronics.

Finally got things mostly buttoned up and took it for a shakedown run today, rode about 60 miles with only a couple of problems. My China-bay tail light shook itself apart and I found a leaking spark plug boot arcing against the head. I will fix that stuff in the morning and then I’m off to Barber Vintage Fest!

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Yep, looks great. I think those carbs are the ticket for these Honda 4's, noting like cutting the carb count in half and gaining some HP at the same time.
Loaded up and ready to head to Barber this morning. I made it with only a couple of hiccups. Looks like I’ll be painting the tank again as I spilled some gas on it and messed up the tank.

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Got this thing out and rode a little for the first time since Barber. It really is a lot of fun. I made some compromises last year in the interest of getting it together and riding a little. I'm going to have a month off work pretty soon (thanks Covid-19!) so it seems like a good time to make some stylistic changes and clean things up a bit.
I ordered a new rear fender from TC Bros today and I'd like to get a small sissy bar to go along with it. We will see how it all comes together.
Thanks fellas. I’m really thinking about putting some small baffles in the pipes. This thing is loud as hell. My phone app doesn’t seem to want to upload videos or I would post it here as well.

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Well, the Junkyard Dog has gone on to a new home. I ran into a guy with a bike I liked and we made a trade deal. On to new things!
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