CB750 No Plunger Hellride Freedom Machine

Kanticoy said:
Isn’t it about time to chop it in half and start all over again? That’s generally how Irk builds go...
Give me about a month. LOL
I redid the seat in oiled leather. Much better grip and feel than the slick Italian leather...

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Really really nice work. I definitely dig the new cover. Texture is important too.

Is it beard "oiled leather"?
That's really good-looking work man, really clean. Colour and finish on that leather looks great with the bike too.
Popeye SXM said:
+ 1 quality
Have you painted the panty dropper yet?
Many thanks to you and everyone else. I'm definitely much better with my hands than a machine when it comes to stitching.

I put the panty dropper back in line while I re-image my R100/7. When I'm ready to paint the BMW, I plan to paint the panty dropper, too. The plan is to paint my DR370 at the same time. Hoping it will be easier and more efficient for the way I'm set up to do a few at the same time. My other CB750 chopper may fit into this group as well. Regardless, I have a Mid-Ohio deadline in July to bring a few of these for sale.
Hurco550 said:
seems like that's whats been selling. complete ridable bikes.
Yep. Seems like we had to work our asses off to sell parts, but the bikes practically sell themselves.
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