CBX550-Brat/urban scrambler on a budget


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Weasel said:
Looking good!
Thanx weasel.

First build up of the rear end - brakes, sprocket and re-positioned the rear guard now that I have the seat back from the upholsterer. Starting to look more like it.....;)

Reversed the colours due to material shortage....think it turned out nice?

Brakes/hub turned out smart enough.

The tank has been pickling in malt vinegar for a good few days now......think I'll pick up some rattle cans and give it a go later this week.


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Minor update - got the tank rattle canned first attempt....needs flatting and another can's worth but looking good enough....still got to decide on the middle colour and decals.

The piss flap works....;)

I'm painting a centre band along the top of the tank from forks to seat and was thinking of solid mid grey or maybe metallic graphite? The grey would match the 300mm long HONDA decals I plan to use along the lower tank edge....however, it was suggested last night I might want to tie into the seat a bit more, so maybe use a colour to, sort of, match the tan leather of the seat? I can think of using a metallic burnt amber/dark orange which might work...even with grey decals as I can have orange/grey/amber subtle pin striping done to tie it all together.

What does the DTT collective think?

Side view.

My favourite bit of the bike....

Just got a three C spanner set come in and preloading the shock. Kempton Park this Saturday and got's me a shopping list:

Headlamp mounts - cast alloy/black or alloy finish?
Side panel number roundels - aluminium
4x way spade fit fuse box
3 & 5mm aluminium plate - for mounting/adapter brackets

.....and any other shit that catches my eye haha!

That's it for now, thanks for dropping by and a special thank you to those who contribute and offer advice and encouragement...cheers chaps.


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Yet another cracking day mooching around Kempton Park Motorcycle Jumble today, scored most of what I wanted to find, 3mm T6 alli sheet, tank rubbers, headlight mountssome neat alloy cable ties (for that old skool look) and liquid gasket lube. Also, picked up a bike lift/paddock stand jobbie which lifts on the swing arm for £19 BNIB.

Tank rubbers are too long to go with the HONDA decal...hmmm...do I drop the decal, add the rubbers and a large Honda wing logo or order a slightly shorter decal instead?

Spotted this exceptional bike today in the show hall......a perfect blend of old and new...show of the event IMO. Took a gander at the new Brough SS100....honestly, I don't like it at all....ugly, over designed and just plain irritating design ques.....apparently it sounds good though. Much prefer this NorZook:

Can you spot the new from the old?


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Still cleaning, still detailing, still satisfying ;)

Pads or no pads.....I still like the large HONDA decal idea....hmmm??

As I'm struggling to remember how the bike goes back together, having stripped it 2 years ago, I found a CBX at Kempton, so took a few shots of the footrest/suspension/brake areas as a reference....should've done this back then - lesson learned haha!


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Piecing together the footrest/Prolink mounting bolts, from a photo of a CBX at the weekend, and a process of logical elimination ....getting there.

Anyone else forget how it goes together.....how do you recall the sequence?


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dualero said:
Workshop manual?

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I have a Haynes manual which does show some images of the component parts which is some help Dually. I took a few images of another CBX which is also useful....and I'm figuring it out as well ;D


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Maritime said:
Sometimes the parts fiche show the order of bits as well. Nice work it's really coming along.
I don't have one or access to a fische, but do know what you mean, very useful. I'm slowly figuring it out.

Thank you....I'm pleased with the way it's shaping up...details take time I find. Plus the long list of jobs still to do....really must jot something down haha :-\


maybe their parts fiche here can help, just find your model or the closest model to yours


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Me too, bikebandit has some too but they don't have the Euro Canadian bikes and we need those so cmsnl is a better choice.


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Kamn said:
maybe their parts fiche here can help, just find your model or the closest model to yours
Thank you Kamn.....great idea, but CBX550 isn't listed :-(


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Got some done over the weekend....

Front brakes rebuilt and mounted.

I'm liking the overall look.....like an old Brit TLS system I reckon. I'm pleased I bought a job lot of braided lines as I had to chop n change until I got them to fit/route neatly (longer than I first thought) and allow for suspension movement. Sussing out the splitter mount took time, but was able to re-use the stock Honda bracket in the end. Still need new bleed nipples to complete as well as P clips to hold them in place.

This is a cheeky mock up of the speedo....need to make a bracket yet and will use stock rubber mounts.

Slowly swapping out stock bolts for stainless where possible....takes so much time, but I'm happy with the way it changes the look.

I've cleaned up the fuse cover and removed the 'FUSE' and 'ignition' marks, a few more coats to go, and this is where I'll mount the idiot lights as the fuse box will be relocated under the seat. Wrapped the stock loom with cloth tape for the old school look, much better than shiny plastic.

Had to drop the forks out to fit the cast alloy satin black headlight mounts, but think they suit the style, final position tbc.

Still need to fabricate the front guard mounts and chop it down to size, I'm keeping it practical so maybe just level with the spindle and the leading edge where it is now to keep the balance....too short looks a bit silly.

The chain will be the last component I fit....kinda like a topping out ceremony haha!

Thanks for checking in, feel free to add your tuppence worth.

Oh yeah, and for shits n giggles....we ran a few tunnels in London, Saturday midnight :)



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CarbsAndCylinders said:
Do you still need advice on reassembly? I can take a look at my stock Canadian CBX550 and take pics, if that helps.
Thank you C&C, very kind of you, but I actually took some snaps of a CBX at the bike jumble (swap meet) I was at recently, certainly helped with the footorest/Prolink area haha, should've done it before tearing it apart....doh!.

Tonight: Not a bad effort I reckon, in a draughty workshop with a rattle can....wet flatted the first coats with 500, dried and shot a few coats (until the can ran out) trying to get a reasonably smooth finish. It'll look better with the other colour, flip cap and decal/kneepad I hope.



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I'll be interested to see how the tank turns out as I will be going the "draughty workshop with a rattle can" route as well. Tank looks good to me so far! And the whole bike overall :)


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Northish said:
I'll be interested to see how the tank turns out as I will be going the "draughty workshop with a rattle can" route as well. Tank looks good to me so far! And the whole bike overall :)
Well, taking a good look in daylight does reveal classic rattlecan 'stripes'...so buying yet another can, but replacing the nozzle with another type that allows a vertical/horizontal fan spray which should spread the paint more evenly I hope? It's coming along and the more coats the better to work it/polish it so I'm still hopeful of a decent enough finish in the end.

I'm pleased with the way the bike is coming together...winging it to some extent, but happy so far. Really trying to push to get it done.

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