college kid with a dream (1977 xs400)

What should i do to the tank?

  • Bare metal with clear?

    Votes: 23 43.4%
  • Bare metal with gold or red stripe?

    Votes: 21 39.6%
  • or save myself some time and just paint it!

    Votes: 9 17.0%

  • Total voters


Fuck You.
WOW!! Excellent execution!! Only watched the second video and luckily had the volume UP!!

I had a nice 79 with a chevy 350. The cars are built just right for a small block :D

I'll go back and check this thread but could you list some details?


77 XS400,73 SL350, 73 RD350
Thanks man! Make sure to like the video and check out my other stuff on instagram and facebook (Petrol360)

Its a 302 from a ford explorer (GT40p motor), T5 trans, turbo II brakes, edelbrock intake and carb, BBK headers, custom X pipe, ect. If you really want to see the whole story I have a build thread on the car

Its really long but tells everything that I did and why. Been driving a good bit but still have a lot of things to get working right before she is 100% done!


77 XS400,73 SL350, 73 RD350
Pulled the bike out the other day to get fresh gas in the tank and get the motor running again. I like to get the bike out at least once every winter since I don't ride all year around it helps it start easier come spring time. Anyway I made a quick little video if anyone wants to see!


77 XS400,73 SL350, 73 RD350
Well I just moved into a apartment so no shop or garage to speek of. I really don't want the bike to sit out in the weather even with a cover over it. I just feel like it will rust away. I might try and ask around to see if I can find a place to park it but more then likely the bike will have to stay behind at home. Not going to sell it but I won't be able to ride it much. On the other hand i did get a chance to ride it for a bit the other weekend and im just under 2,000 miles. Next ride should tip the scales, wish i was able to put more on it but its still been a ton of fun!


77 XS400,73 SL350, 73 RD350
As I said I haven't done anything with the bike in a while and probably wont but here is some of the stuff I do have going on.

Also im on YouTube as well as Instagram @Petrol360 you can keep up with my car projects and other stuff I have hoing on.

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