CVMG 35th National Vintage Rally Jun 15 16 17 2007 - PARIS



pyro139 said:
you get any full body shots of this black bomber?

prolly not. too many people standing around....if i see it i'll post it tho. i took. *ahem* a few shots ::)

my brain was also melting by that point..i mean i missed shooting the '56 beemer too. :-\


Is that the best you got? OK.. now my TURN...
bluemetaldog said:
thanks ease!! ;)

you sure have one hell of an eye!!... I saw all that stuff at the meet, but I sure didnt see it like that!!..


83 XJ650RK, 77 TS-250
bluemetaldog said:
thanks ease!! ;)

You're very welcome. Hey... Did I write live instead of love? Oops :-[

Some day when I get the loot I'll be commissioning you to do some kind of a collage / print with those photo's. 8)
Really am blown away. :eek:

Aaah, showing emotion with emoticons. lol - I mean :D

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