Engine inspiration thread!

Thank you m511y. Side covers will be the same silver powder w/matte clear. Still working on the design of some cutouts that will be backed by metal screen on the non oil side cover, then I'll get them done.
billpy, that's gorgeous! I'm painting my engine soon and I've chosen VHT cast iron, and all the covers will be polished bare aluminum. Bought a can of the vht cast iron from autozone but now have been second guessing it. But after seeing yours, I know that it looks great! Would love to see pics with the case covers on, or on the bike even would be even better.
Well i figured i would share a motor we just did for a customer. was a 96" now it is a 107" stroker with head work, welded and trued crank, adj pushrods, SE lifters, lefty main, new brass valve guides and bee hives, flat top pistons and a lil NOS for that ass... bit more but that is a general idea what it has on the inside... outside we did a custom 2 tone powder on the heads and jugs, tied in the color and some gloss though the rest of the motor... his frame shot to match the fins... looks sick

Realy tough color to photograph. The orange is a candy with a gold flake, sick sick look






Brother JRK5892 your powder coating work is always Beautiful!

Here are some photos of the RD350 engine that I am building for Brother bluesmokey!

Just finished buttoning up my engine. VHT engine enamel cast iron paint on the everything except the covers, which are semi-polished, bare aluminum.




It really needs to be photographed in full sunlight, but the damn sun won't come out.
I just finished this CL450 498cc big bore chopper engine so I thought I would share a photo of it for you all to enjoy!

Ill throw my motor in here!

Just had a respray in gloss black PJ1 engine paint, all stainless bolts and brass washers and rocker cover nuts.


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I have had it torqued to spec for a few weeks and seen no relaxation, but will check again before and after first engine run. If in doubt, I have stainless replacements at hand and new gaskets as well.
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