Getting to Know Our New England Members

My wife is from Greenfield NH, still has relatives there.
Didn't go up last year but probably will next year, maybe meet some people?
(its a pretty good drive from Orlando)
I live in Keene, NH and am doing my first Cafe Build. It's a 1977 Yamaha xs750 Triple. I have gotten a lot from this site and will post my build as soon as I have enough pics to make it worth it. Hope to have it ready before riding season.
Hi all, I'm in Portland, Maine. any other Mainers out there? There is a great meet up here at Owl's Head every year, I believe its in September. Tons of old metal and aircraft too.
Hey man... Nice to meet ya.. You need to get your but down to 3 events this year.... The Mods Vs. Rockers event in CT... The bennington Bash in Bennington VT.( lots of Mainers there). and the Rockers Re-Union in Sept. ( the same mainers as bennington there).. Im sure we will ride together sometime this summer.. were always all around New England.. Portlands only about 4 hours away...

Hi, Yeah, I'm trying to get down to some shows and get more involved. My folks live in Westfield Mass. Which is sort of right between all that stuff. So I may trailer down to their house and go from there.

Hey, do you know Matt Robbins? He's a buddy from Portland. He has a Beautiful '57 Triumph as well as an old BSA that he shows a lot. Big rock-a-billy dude.

Just thought you might have run across him.
Yes... Im sure I know him.. terrible with names... remember peoples bikes!!!!.... You got a picture?? Nice to meet you... Also check out our forum if you like just to keep abreast(LOL) of lots of events coming up...

Yes.. We got guys all over that area.. Bethel, Danbury, Newtown, Norwalk, ETC.... There always riding! Find em.. I can count at least 10 down there and Im not even drunk yet!
Hey Fellas, I'm in Cumberland RI. I spent the first 18 years of my life in Ridgefield CT and went to high school school in Danbury.
New guy here. I'm in Westminster MA (central mass) and have been riding my Kawasaki KZ400 that I bought in the spring. I've put about 3000 miles on it over the summer. So far the only mod I've done is clubmans (I've been too busy riding it) but I want to eventually build it up when I get another bike to ride daily. I'd like to go a couple of meets/rides sometime whether it be this fall or next summer...
hey guys im from danvers MA and i ride a 1982 CB900F and am currently re building a 1984 CB500F interceptor. im gonna try and make it to as many events as i can this summer.
Hey guys, another Masshole here. Berlin, specifically. Ride a '10 Street Triple, and I'm in the middle of piecing together a CB750 for the spring.

It's barely the start of winter and I'm already itching to get back out riding. :)
SquadraCorse said:
Hey Fellas, I'm in Cumberland RI. I spent the first 18 years of my life in Ridgefield CT and went to high school school in Danbury.

I'm also in Cumberland RI.. off diamond hill rd. I run a part time shop out of my house if anyone ever needs help on anything.. I would definitely like to meet up and ride with people when the winter is over..

Aaron R
75' cb550
01' shadow a.c.e

Get in touch with me... The group has been looking for a local mechanic that we can work with on bikes and projects... Looking for someone we can trust.. doesnt cost an arm and a leg.. and in return we are looking to give lots of our business too... IE bike maintenance and some modifications.... dont know where cumberland RI Is. but were always looking to build new bridges... Check us out and shoot me an email on our forum ......

We have about 50 weekly riders and over 100 members in the area that all love Cafe's and the like..

SETH - Rockers CT
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