Getting to Know Our New England Members

troycityrocker said:
I thought of doing this already but I am worried that the previous owner would be contacted I would be charged with stealing among forging paperwork has anybody done this before?

more common a practice than you'd expect.
if you didn't Steal the bike and the bike has not been reported Stolen you will have no problems ... I have gotten titles for bikes without any ....Your lucky you got the papers take the ride...
Cumberland RI guy here, fairly new to dtt, but not too my kz750. Had it for 15 years and finally got it back running.
So getting ready to make a seat for my kz750 watched some videos online( mainly Dime city cycles) got the gist of it. But wondering how many layers of fiber glass and how much resin to use along with the best sandpaper after I'm all done. Take whatever advice I can get thanks everyone.
Distanceham said:
In Kensington (Exeter) NH. Working on a CL 360 as we speak.

I just pulled the cover off my CL360 this weekend! Of my 3 bikes (cl360, xs650, gsxr750), I still say it's the most fun to ride.
We have the warnings but have yet to get more then a few flurries. I think it will hit overnight. The coast 2 hours south and east is getting hit hard 6" of snow in the first 2 hours of the storm and winds making visibility 0
We made out ok less than 2" total but 2 hours south got hammered. major highways shut down, it was worse than any winter storm in last 5 years.
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