Getting to Know Our New England Members

AWW I used to have a 200T.. Great little bar bikes.. Really fun to just crash around on.. I remember riding it into the ground over jumps and shit... Kick ass.. Love the little square backed tank too!!!

I am in Shelton, CT

The bike is still living at the old address in Woodbury for now (I couldn't pass up a heated garage), but once the crappy weather clears it would be great to get together with some fellow CT DTT members.

hacksaw here.

hamden ct and and sometimes piddig, ilocos norte, philipines.
unfortunately i am not in the philippines this winter.

i have/had plenty of dif bikes. i have been around Ct. on 2 wheels since 1970.
if i dont know you, maybe i know a friend of yours. or i know your face but never remembered your name.

there is no way i am reading thru the last 5 pages of intros. my apologies right up front for that. LOL!
so i am just saying hello here. i am building a somewhat cafe triumph and will kick around this forum from time to time. i am happy to stumble across a NE board.
ever since the chopperhead and murdercycles forums died out, i been a little behind the times on some of the events i enjoy.

been on here a while, never posted, i don't think. finally got my bike running yesterday.

from Brookfield, CT..
Been on here a few weeks now. I have a 72' CB500 Project that I should have running in about a month and I live in East Providence, RI.
WELCOME to both of you. I happen to be going through Brookfield almost every sunday. My inlaws live in New Milford. if you go over to ct rockers site I think the meetups once a month should be starting soon up in newtown at the blue z coffee house.

I know this thread is pretty much dead, but I'm new to DTT and just wanted to say hi from Newton MA. I hope I didn't make it to the party too late. Hope to see some of you out on the road this season.
Hey there RCT. I've been down at the Avery waiting for you guys to roar up all spring! When am I gonna meet you crazy bastards?
We ride all the freakin time.. come on a ride with us... get in touch with any of the Eastern boys...

Big Party / BBQ coming up when the clubhouse is completed.... invites for people will be going out..
I really don't know CT at all, or the roads from here to there. Do you have any recommended routes to check out from Boston down your way?
Just joined on here a little while ago, I'm from western MA. Got an '83 CB550sc i'm working on at the moment, hoping to get a nice cafe racer out of her. You guys go riding up this way at all?
if you don't know any of the guys the New England cafe racers are a good group. they are based in Springfield I do believe.
I head up to Rheinbeck in June and try to make a few of the runs up to southwestern mass to sturbridge for mass british iron shows. Rice-o-rama is a must show every year and I am going to try to make the IMOC show (Italian Motorcycle owners Group) their rally is Sunday September 16th in Sturbridge if it is still not posted on their website.
A lot of guys from CT rockers make it to the Bennington Bash every year if you email Seth from CT rockers he can give you the run down. Their is also the Ct Mod rocker ride we got a few guys from Jersey last year. it is a nice low key ride through the hills of CT. The start is just south of Hartford CT.

hopefully I have confused you with my rambling.

any questions just ask
Thanks for the info man. I'm already pretty set on making the rice-o-rama so will be sure to look up some of the other events and gatherings. I've run across the facebook page for the New England cafe racers. I think they were talking about a ride recently too. As far as rides go, sadly I'm probably skipping anything soon. A repair has turned into a project so my ride will be off the road for a while. Should be twice the fun when I'm done though.

About questions though, I might start picking your brain on the issues I've got with a bolt.
Just joined up here, starting my first CB450 build. Living in Southern New Hampshire, right off 93. I got a beer for anyone passing through that cares to swing by and swing a wrench. 8)
Been lurking but figured I'd post. New from downtown Boston. Bike isn't quiet done yet. See the member intro section for build pics
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