GT550 Blue Smoke Devil

So I ran into an electrical problem a couple weeks back. It is a long story, but I was pullin my hair out tryin to figure it out. After spending like 15 hours to no avail, I figured I must be over lookin the obvious. Trickle chraged the battery for a few hours and brought it to auto zone. They put it on a tester and told me it was no good.

Bought a new battery for 45 bucks. Charged it up and devil is back runnin like a top. Feel like am idiot!!!! ;D
i had the same issue here. "new" AGM battery and it gets charged regularly on a battery tender, but turn on the power and it's dead in seconds. Must be a short right? Nope. Just a POS cheap ebay battery.

It's on a real charger now to see if that works any better, but that's only because I'm too lazy/broke PO'd to go and buy a replacement.
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