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I could put this in the big arse project or the two stroke thread, but screw it, it will be a fighter when done so I will put it here.

1975 GT550, two stroke triple, 9000 orig miles, Absolutley perfect condition, runs strong, SPOTLESS. I dont want anybody to get sick so I wont tell you what I paid (approx 1/2 of what is worth!!!!!!!!!)

Plan (parts enroute)

06 GSXR 750 front end w/clip ons
96 GSXR rear wheel
possible GSXR swinger, maybe other option
all balls conversion bearings
dual shocks
cafe seat tail
Jemco chambers
tune and jet
new top end

And yes, this bike is soooo clean that I was just going to flip it and make about a grand. All the mods will be bolt on and reversible. The stock parts are wrapped up in the cellar!!!!!!!!!!!




Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh NNooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


This is similar to the goal bike. This bike will have clip on bars.

Kawasaki H2 800cc Power Umbau
New 06 gixxer front end. No stem swp required, Just all balls conversion bearings!!



No, the SRAD wheel will not fit!! Would look pretty sick if it did!!

All Balls Racing actually has a conversion function. You put in the year make and model of your bike and they give you a list of every front end that is compatible with your bike and they sell the bearings you need to do the swap. The only thing is that they warn that the "compatibilty" only refers to the stem diameter and bearing needed. Some of the bikes listed as "compatible" may have a stem that is too short.

One way to avoid this is to use a front end that someone has already used in a similar build or measure your stem and then get a measurement on the stem of the front end you are buying and see if they match. The GT stem and the gixxer stem are both 9", just different diameters. Slap on the all balls bearings and bolt it up.
Got the guages and heallamp all mounted up tonight.

Home-made, rubber mounted bracket bolted the upper triple via the gixxer stock ignition bolt holes.




Got the SV swinger in and the wheel mocked up. Bringin the swinger to the welder Monday to weld on the shock mounts.

How do you like my super custom, flush mount tail / brake light??? NAPA, $6.99!!!

Any of you GT dudes out thier lookin for parts, I am going to be posting a bunch of stuff in the for sale forum, pipes, wheels, shocks, swinger, front end, perfect seat etc



This thing is sooooo f-ing bad-ass! Always liked the look of the GT's ram-air box and 2 strokes give me wood...
But I'm sorry, I just can't wrap my arms around that tail light. ::)
Hoosier Daddy said:
This thing is sooooo f-ing bad-ass! Always liked the look of the GT's ram-air box and 2 strokes give me wood...
But I'm sorry, I just can't wrap my arms around that tail light. ::)

I googled, I searched, I considered, I planned and I couldnt find a tailight set up that I like. I didnt want anything that protruded behind the cafe tail or under it. I saw some expensive lights that just didnt do it for me. I saw this at NAPA for $6.99 and figured I would give it a try. I love how it is flush mounted. It is a little big and it bugs me how the lower part is slightly below the tail, but all in all I like it. If see something that I like a lot better I can always change it out.
I would hang on to the stock parts... Esp the pipes, They are HUGE $$$ to find in even decent shape... I sold a set of mint GT750 pipes for $900....
If Yer selling all the parts anyways.... Why not do a little welding and convert the rear to a single shock.... The lower linkage is already done(stock SV)... just fab up a top mount under the seat...

Otherwise... looks great so far
I am going to have a GT parts sale in the for sale forum shortly, stock pipes included.

I am going to run the dual shocks. May change in the future, but duals for now. 8)

Just sittin here waitin for the brown truck with my chambers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
man you should fiberglass a lower lip on that seat bump to go to the end of the tail light so the whole thing is flushed in not just the top 3/4 of it... i dig the flush lamp but not really how it hangs down, looks kind of like an after thought... you it would also flow with the rear tire and look pretty slick... have you thought about opening up the case on it and tapping in 3 LED per side in there and putting your turn sigs right into the lamp itself? or hell rock citys idea is even better
Some outside pics. Hey. The shock mounts I had welded on to the swinger worked out!!
Still to do:
-Fab rear brake master, figure out brake lever attachment to master.
- build seat and permanently mount cafe tail.
-have rear signal tabs welded on
-put chain on and figure out it offset sprocket is needed. Looks friggin straight as is.
-have chain roller welded on under frame to keep chain off shifter shaft.
-tune up, oil, plugs, jet / synch carbs.
-probably yank air box and go with pods.
Goal was to have it rolling this weekend. Made it by the skin of my teeth.

Before ctluba

After ctluba







Of course it isnt even done and I am already considering risers with superbike bars and a different tail. Sorta punisher style.
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