Lets see your front end swaps!

kmcphee said:
'79 cb650 with GSXR 600 forks, Cognito Moto front hub & top triple with Moto gadget guage :)

kmcphee, Where did you get the megaphone? Im really wanting something like that for my CB750 project. Everything on ebay is not a 2.5" outlet, but 2".
wasn't exactly a straight swap 650 maxim sliders, klx250/kx125 19i78 or so 36mm thinwall stanchions ,fitted with modern du bushings ,shortened dsamper pods shortened trasvel at 8" racetech gold vales fork brace hacksawed fromn some jap mmx bike with downsideuppers
lower triple clamps of suzuki used lower and toppom
my patented bearlyrisers(pronounced burly-risers)mids 80's suzuki rm front hub mid 80's meehanite cast iron husqvarna disc rowter
17mm hollow 4 130 canam front axel()up from 15mm)xc650 talkasaga ankront copy high quivering lip wheel rim in 1 .85x19brembo master and clapper ktm sourced etc


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I'm using the forks from a '02 EX500 Ninja on my CL360. This swap may not be as sexy as a USD, but going from 33mm fork tubes to 37mm and to a decent single disk brake is a good upgrade for a 360 that's going to be ridden. With a bearing kit from All Balls it's a direct bolt-up. As-is the Ninja parts will all work but the top clamp and bars are usually hidden under body work, so when it's bare, out in the light of day, the Kawi set up is butt ugly. I had a new triple made and I put a spacer in the tubes to lower things down an inch.

1996 GSXR1100 on a 1981 Honda GL500. I actually had to use a Honda GL1200 triple because the GSXR1100 stem would not fit, with the 1200 triple it is the same 41mm diameter and I can use the All Balls bearings to slide it in. The front wheel is off of a early GSXR or Katana not are I found them in the side of the road. The wheel does have Suzuki cast on one of the spokes.


Sorry not the best pic.

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77 KZ1R with GSXR swap, wish I didn't loose steam on this build :-[


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1972 cb450 (kinda, it has a 2014 cbr500r motor) with a 2007 sv1000 front end.


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Just doing some research for the next build, came across this thread.

Might be of use to future fellow builders?

Mine was a R1 forks with GSXR triple clamps,Triumph Tiger 800 front wheel and discs, modified spacers and spindle with a set of Honda Nissin calipers of a VFR800, on custom mounts...........I like a challenge ;D ;D


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Suzuki TL1000S front end on a 1972 Suzuki GT750 (someone had already swapped out the 4LS front end for a 1974 dual disk front end). Was a simple All Balls steering head bearing swap.

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Just wrapped up an FZR1000 front end setup ran single disc with a GSXR rotor and stock Comstar wheel on a 1980 cb750K


as well as a VZ800 front end swap onto a 1979 CX500 using a cb750f front wheel to match and retain mechanical speedo.

1967 BSA A65 Lightning with 1972 Honda CB750 front end, custom top clamp, Ducati Brembo disk, Kawasaki EX500 2 pot caliper custom mount bracket :eek: then took it all off and going with a drum brake haha!


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brotus said:
What kind of unholy abominations are goin on in your garages!? Airhead with DR forks? CB/GSXR?
Post some pics and specs. Lookin for some inspiration.
Well, it's similar. I have a 1982 gs1100 with a rear end off a Hayabusa! (Shock, rear wheel, swingarm)

Here are some photos!





I just picked her up, she needs some work!!

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I swapped my 1981 Yamaha Virago XV750 38mm forks for a 2001 TL1000R 50mm forks. with a virago rear rim conversion for the front rim. first pic is stock front end and the next two are after the swap


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underdogauto said:
What front wheel are you using? And what size? I would live to do a similar swap on my 82 cb750 but didn't think I could run a spoked wheel.

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Sorry just saw this.
It is a Harley "Narrow Glide" wheel, I believe '04+ The ones that use a 1" bearing/axle combo.
It's 19", not sure the tire size right now, maybe 90/90/19
Still have to make an upper triple clamp, but 2012 zx6 forks and lower triple with a custom stem, hub is a modified cb550f, with ducati rotor lining up on the yamaha caliper.


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