Lifan 150cc big-bore kit: Installation

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The Sydney 'Ace' crew go big!

Now ACEitup and acecafe have gone for the big-bore we have 150 x 3:


And the HD tagged along to keep us honest.


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That's ACEitup's bike with no rear guard - he's had no hassles so far!

He also had the front guard removed until the day we were out riding and it started raining. I don't think I've ever seen anyone get so wet, so quick!



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I notice ooracing offer two different types - STANDARD and GAS FLOWED?
What is the difference - apart from the price (99GBP more)? Which one are you guys getting?

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bongoAce said:
Which one are you guys getting?

ACEitup, acecafe, and myself have all converted with the standard big-bore.

Ninety-nine quid seems expensive for a (theoretical) small power increase. It should be possible to get the job done locally if it was felt to be essential


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I want to share my experience with you guys. Here in my country, cg125 clones are the norm. Though they are not 125 CC but 150 (CG150).

My bike was originally a CG125 clone and making some research (engine serial number indicates cylinder born diameter) I found buying the kit to replace cylinder, piston, rings and pin for one of those CG150 bikes I could increase the displacement to 150cc.

I kept my original 125cc head even though the valves are a little small, the overall volume of the combustion chamber is smaller than the 150 head, raising the compression ratio of the engine giving it a little boost in power.

I'm happy with my mod, it was bolt on and a lot less than 99 pounds. And now my bike has lots more power than when I got her

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dualero said:
I kept my original 125cc head …

I went for the larger valves for better breathing but didn't use a base gasket to help raise the compression.

If we weren't all so busy riding our little gems maybe we could actually take time to make some measurements to get the full picture.



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What is involved in getting the V5 logbook updated from 125cc to 150cc?
Has anyone had problems with insurance after fitting the 150cc head?


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When I did the 150cc conversion, I informed my insurance company (Swintons in the UK) and basically, it made little difference to the overall policy(I pay £138.00 for two bikes fully comprehensive - TRX 850 & ACE - 50 yr old, full no claims)
To be fair, I should have also informed the DVLA so that they can alter the V5 Reg document as well, and I will do this, but this should be a formality.


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Has anyone found an alternative source for the 150 upgrade? When I add shipping cost from UK to NZ the ooracing kit looks a bit steep. Just wondering whether any of you managed to succesfully get the same stuff directly via EBay or from an Australian supplier. If so, please provide link!



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There is this

Let me know how it goes

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Buying them from China maybe cheaper.

They list as 150, but post out a CG125 barrel an piston. How do I know ? I have on the shelf in the garage with new 125 barrels and piston kits.

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