Lurking with intent to loiter

Oh dear,

how many days until Christmas? ...................Daughters Uni fees due ..................... and this on German E-Bay, only 40 kms from my place in Saxony and 25 kms from my pal's house - oh yes and currently 400 euros with a day to go. ::) ::)

It IS silly cheap [ when I looked 3 hours ago ], but on the plus side, where we are in Germany is the former East and as such not vastly populated.

We'll see ............ 8)

1,450 euros it went for ... still cheap.

So I thought - no forget the Union outfit, do something with the BMW . then this came along.

The Black Widow by Putsch Racing. Omigod.


This month's mortgage will be bid on this one - 5 days to go ! 1930's - originally attached to a 1927 Rudge



I believe THAT is the best shaped sidecar I have every laid my eyes on!
Has WWII fighter plane drop tank look to it.


Very good choice!
I have never seen one like it before......... it does have a very fluid shape to it. Problem it is now £160 but with 6 days to go. I'm sure it will go beyond my meagre budget.

Just shows they're out there though ! 8)
No not that far ahead ..........21.26 in the evening as we speak - LOADS of time yet for trawling forums and E-bay etc. !! 8)

It'll be quite a "late one" tonight as I just decided to crack a bottle of Glenn Morangie's finest. ;)
Nice choice in the whiskey, had a little of that myself on the weekend and a little Glen Levitt too. Hope you win the sidecar it is a great shape.
Maritime said:
Nice choice in the whiskey, had a little of that myself on the weekend and a little Glen Levitt too. Hope you win the sidecar it is a great shape.

Maritime, I ended up having a LOT of the Morangie ! One of those rare evenings kids all out - roaring open fire and chilled out with MrsB.

Then reality - that chair is galloping away from me - £600 with 4 days to go, I reckon it will top out well over a grand. Still a bargain in my eyes, but ........................

STOP PRESS ......... the £600 bid has dissappeared [?] and it's back to £228 ......hope yet
Identified - it's a Brooklands Meteor chair from the 1930's saw use in WW2 [ !!! ]

There was a modern replica made, but the company went bust. Has been bought out but can't find any details.


Imagine one of my pal's D Type Jag headfairings on the back !

What do you reckon HD - this one a little OTT ?????

Sir Jack Brabham in one of the RAM D Types at the Innes Ireland Memorial Rally.

AC has moulds of ALL the variations of D Type - long nose , short nose, small headrest, headrest bolt on fin, fin, single cockpit. One of the Finned D's has a handprint faithfully lifted from one of the original LeMans race cars. This was from a mechanic pushing the car in the pits, and left the handprint in the alloy body panel. It was a mystery for 10 years, until I took a picture of a partly prepped body and realised what it was !

I thought about the the fin style at first myself... then like you said decided it was a littl too much. Can you imagine what a crosswind would be like with that sail mountedon the sidecar? :eek:
Neat bit of triva on that handprint! A real trophy if you ask me.
yea - only kidding with the fin !!! There was a smaller fin on the very early D's. We actually modded that one to create a double headfairing for the Trophy Cobra. It looked the biz [ on the Cob ! ].

It would be the smaller one I'd use.

Re: the handprint - we did have a picture of a mechanic pushing the car with his hand in just about that position. I'll try to find that pic.

The amazing thing is that AC assumed it was a flaw in his mould, and even after producing many hundreds over the years - with his body guys faithfully surfacing the bad area - nobody realised what it was until the pic was taken - just the way the light fell.
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