Mods to the Travel Trailer

And finished:

Found a new, made-for-RVs wall hugger double recliner.




So, that's what I've been doing instead of working on the airhead. :( That and all the medical appointments and other things you have to do when you get old... Back onto the BMW... SOON!!!
Floor looks nice! Congratulations on finding a "right sized" recliner
Thank you very much! Interesting story on that double recliner... found an ad w/ it for sale saying it had been used only one weekend and it was offered at an excellent price, less than half of new. Made the inquiry and drove the 24 miles to go look at it. The story was that the couple had bought it for their camper but they had trouble getting them to stay reclined. (There isn't a lever on there, you just push down w/ your legs to return it to the normal seating position.) They contacted the company and after several phone calls and emails back and forth, the company sent them a replacement and said to keep the old one. So they offered it up for sale. Once we got there I could see the issue; they were both large girls and the problem had to do with issues with having, ummm, shall we say, a "low center of gravity." We paid cash, loaded 'em up, and headed home. Some times you are just in the right place at the right time.
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