new member - work in progress BMW Fighter

Your parts made it to Pipeburn

Ha, thanx for the headsup !

I've got a big stack of parts from my own Fighter ready, and when I get back from Saxony at the end of the month I'll be making headway into the detailing.
Back from chill break in Saxony - dose of Man Flu ::), but otherwise ready to go.

Good news is that the guy that was working for my pal AC on the various projects there - Scorpio reverse trike, TR1 Cafe Racer, GS450 has now set up on his own as a part time business.

Looks like we might be able to amalgamate our talents - his fab / building skills and my marketing expertise.

We have a meeting next week to discuss the possibilities ......................... ;)

Bottom line if nothing else comes of it - he has agreed to complete the K1200S front wheel conversion for me. Only been waiting for 12 months for "friends" to not do it for me ! :mad:
Another refuckinsult ................ not only is our boy extremely skilled at using the various machinery in his man cave - he has designed and built several 2, 3 and 4 wheel projects showing a good degree of enginuity and fabrication skill.

Now then, those of you who could be bothered will note that I have been waiting for almost TWO YEARS to get the spacer made to install the K1200S 5 spoke wheel into the K1100 forks. That's after various so called friends said " leave that to me TJ - I owe you anyway " - then did fuck all.

After our meeting yesterday [ more of that elsewhere ] I left the forks / wheel with him - that was 5.0pm, he just called me to say it's done !! ;D

He's going to carry out fabbing and welding various brackets etc. on the Fighter and then work his way through the KZ750T Tracker and ultimately the Vindicator Cafe Racer.

Electric finally laid to my garage [ finished off this weekend ], the sun is shining I have a reliable build buddy. Now if only that happened 10 years or so ago ! ::)

And, oh yes - we ARE going to amalgamate those skills on a project he has been designing for the past year.
KZ750 Flat Tracker project completely stripped and off the lift and the Vindicator TR1 Cafe Racer is in small boxes and off to various artisans for polishing, Gold passivating, shot blasting.

That leaves the way clear for my BMW Fighter to get some attention! I'll be collecting it from my pal's workshop where it's been stored, swing by and collect my completed front fork / wheel conversion - then it's back to the garage and on the ramp.

I can then pull all the "goodies" out of their various boxes and get ready for the final burst of activity to get it finished.

I even found an excellent 160 x 17 Michelin tyre at the back of the garage I'd forgotten about - just need a front now and that's all the major expense covered.
beachcomber said:
KZ750 Flat Tracker project completely stripped and off the lift and the Vindicator TR1 Cafe Racer is in small boxes and off to various artisans for polishing, Gold passivating, shot blasting.

That leaves the way clear for my BMW Fighter to get some attention! I'll be collecting it from my pal's workshop where it's been stored, swing by and collect my completed front fork / wheel conversion - then it's back to the garage and on the ramp.

Well that didn't work out !!!

Due to problems with my Dobe [ posted elsewhere ], not only did we not get our break to Saxony, but I haven't been able to get out and about to collect the Fighter and forks / wheel - or do anything up the garage.

Can't believe it, finally got the roof sorted and now not leaking [ well only a bit ] AND having power and light at the flick of a switch - and I can't leave the dog unattended to get up there and work ..Futtox.

Oh well, the good news is that the dog is well and truly on the mend and I CAN leave her for an hour or so at a time, so work will start again on the Fighter. I did get the front tyre [ E-Bay ], so my pile of parts is now virtually complete.
Early Christmas prezzie - the guy who DID make the spacer conversion for the K1100 forks / K1200S wheel took pity on my innability to leave the house and delivered the forks yesterday - top man. ;D

As he had "extra" time due to my being housebound, he decided to pull the modified OEM spacer and make up brand new ones.

On top of all that, he refused to take any payment - humbled. 8)

That means that both wheels can be blasted / powder coated and the forks swapped over ready for the final [ !! ] paint and detailing. Just got to hope I can find all the scattered parts now. ::)
I'm now certain there is someone up there who doesn't like me !!! ::)

All the dust settled after recent ill health, dog and family bereavements - and looking forward to some progress.

Dropped the wheels in 2 weeks ago to be powder coated ready to take down with the rolling chassis for my pal to swap forks / wheels and tackle all the various welding - brackets, tabs etc.

Yes, you might have guessed - FUCK ALL happened to the wheels and they were still in exactly the same place I left them when I dropped them off 2 weeks ago !!

Oh well. can't be arsed, so they'll have to stay Silver for now ! Collected the bike and all [ most ] of the parts I'd dropped off at my pal's last year, and they are now with my other mate - who's already made a start on swapping the forks.

I'll get the tyres fitted this coming week and hopefully get them dropped off to matey Thursday.
Well that didn't work either. Got a call from matey on Saturday to say all the bracketery and framework for the seat, cowl, etc. was made and being welded up - impressed. Just the forks to swap over fit brakes and return to me as a rolling chassis.

Looking good for the deal I did for the old GS450 for the work.

Then he called me yesterday to say he couldn't do any more work on the bike - no reason given.

Sometimes when I look in a mirror I think I see TNUC tattooed on my forehead. ::) ::)
Well - it is back AND all the back end bracketery is now finalised. Not sure how he managed to misalign the join between the seat cowl and the side panel !!! Hopefully I can fettle that by joggling the mount holes before I strip for paint. The rear number plate is the UK legal size. The one I will be using has 6 digits in the registration, so will be considerably smaller to start with.

Started second prod of the starter with a fresh battery - not bad, been stood for 6 months.

I'll concentrate now on getting the forks swapped over and then I can fit the new K1200S wheels.

Once that's done it's just odd bits of electrics to finish, detailing and a coat of paint - should be riding this Summer !

And the original alignment - just can't get the help these days !

Wheels prepped etch primed and in primer ready for the top coat.

Probably Gold now ! At least that's some progress !

Needed to try the Gold out - I have 6 different Golds now [ !! ] all bought when I was looking for the "right" Gold for my Vindicator brake plates.

Couldn't resist - tried out the latest colour - and it's spot on. Well pleased, has just the right metallic look I was after.

Only the first coat - flat down with 600 grit paper tomorrow and then final coat.

At least I know what colour I'll be using on the brake plates now !

thebronze said:
Nice.... Now get the thumb out :p

Thumb [ or was that fist?] now out and work progressing on all THREE projects.

Working on the top yoke [ triple tree ? ] next week to cut off the fuggly ignition barrel tower and generally tidy it up. Forks will be prepped and sprayed and then the whole K1200S wheel / fork conversion is ready to be swapped in. 4 pot Brembos are soaking in a bath of release fluid ready to be refurbed.

I've experienced some spider cracking in the Gold surface finish on the brake plates, but the wheels seem to be fine [?]. Used the same prep for both items........ hmmm.
Tyres now fitted up ..... the front I had was "out of date" .. new one on me. Anyway, the guy had several good secondhand tyres for £20, so - job done. And he only managed to get one small piece of Gold paint removed from the rim edge !!!!!!!! :mad:

Just debating whether to have the K100 [ 41.4mm] top and bottom yokes reamered out to 41.7mm [ clearance ] or start chopping off the ignition barrel, and etc from the fuggly K1100 yokes.

arage clearup is also going well - with my new metal cabinets getting filled up with all the squitter that was lying around - jeeez - be able to get the Fighter back soon AND have room to work on it. ::)
I dig it. I'm colorblind, though, so take that with a grain of salt.
Apparantly modern machine shops have never heard about large adjustable reamers ?????????????? Everything is cad this and cad that these days !

Soooooooooo, I'm just having the Kay [ 100 ] top yokes opened out a gnat's cock to clear the 41.7mm K1100 stanchions [ K100 41.4mm ] and I'll re-use the original K1100 bottom yokes. The bottom yoke would prove more difficult [ = more expensive ] so that's out.

Reason ?? The K1100 top yoke is so fuggly with huge bits sticking out for ignition barrels etc. - the K100 is nice and plain. Only a small thing [ as the actress said to the Bishop ], but it's down to detailing now.
Yoke finally done after bloke's 2 week holiday he neglected to mention !

Anyway - spot on job and only £10 [ $16? ]. While I was there I collected my polishing from the guy next door ..... at his prices [ and quality ] it's not even worth doing it myself !

That's most of the parts finished now - just have to round everything up from various storage places and start the job of stripping / detailing / painting.
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