new member - work in progress BMW Fighter

Now I KNOW the bike isn't finished yet ............ but I always thought an Eaton Blower would look just right on the spare 1100 motor I've got stashed away.

I bought the attached blower for my Vanguard estate rod project - but it looks cosmetically waaaay too small enough - just right for the Kay though ;)

All the injector junk will get binned [ bike and blower ]. The actual blower unit is very compact - and surprisingly light

BAck from my Saxony chill break and time for a ketchup. Loooong lists written while I was out there, with plenty of time to think and finalise [ ha,ha ] things in my mind.

The KZ750 Flat Tracker frame, TR1 frame and swingarms etc all going for blast / powder coating this weekend, which leaves a good clear space in my garage - time to contemplate bringing the Kay Fighter back and getting down to the final odds and sods. Then it's detailing, paint and hopefully FINISHED.

In my time spans - that's probably around early New Year !
Back with the plot now.

Trial fitted my newly reamered top yoke [ K100 ] only to find the spacing on the 100 is narrower than the K1100 !! IE - the K1100 fork legs are spaced approx 10mm further apart.

OK - should have checked first. So it's down to getting the K1100 top yoke decluttered and tidied up. In the meantime, I've sorted most of the parts I've been stashing for the past 3 years [ !! ] into a box, so at least I know where everything is for the final assembly.
I had the modified swingarm and side stand powder coated while I was having my KZ 750 frame and parts done.

I had the K1100 top yoke modified - ignition tower and squitter machined off. That's the last bit of the puzzle for the front end swap.

Forks and associated parts will be painted next week, then no excuse to get the front end swapped over - can't wait to see those 5 Spoke K1200S wheels in there ! Well actually, I will have to wait until after Christmas before I can get the Fifgter back up to my garage from my pal's workshop [ storage ].

thebronze said:
Quit pissing about and get on with it ???

Yep - the bike comes back to my garage [ out of storage ] in the New Year. I'll have room then to get it on my ramp and go for the final countdown ..................
Due to life changing circumstances I am having to abandon various car and motorcyle projects.

I am offering them first to forum / club members as the builds have been well documented with pictures. Based in UK

ALL are to be termed “projects” to be completed. Most parts have been bought new where required or refurbished. ALL will require some smaller parts to complete.

This is a deeply regrettable situation as these projects have been my ongoing passion for the past 4-5 years.

BMW K100 Streetfighter – unique bodywork 98% complete

Yamaha TR1 1960’s style Café Racer. Most parts prepped, renewed ready for assembly. Includes very expensive Grimeca 4LS front brake / hub, alloy rims and stainless spokes [ 2 x wheels - all new ]

1955 Standard Vanguard Estate – restore or Hot Rod

I will list the bikes / cars separately, but of specific interest here is the following – see the related build thread and pix for details.

All will be open to sensible offers – failing that they’ll go on E-Bay.

I've also got loads of useful Kay spares - 4- 5 frames [ some wlb ], forks, wheels, engines [ inc low mileage 16V bottom end ], etc.,etc

K100 Streetfighter [ see pix ] well documented here and essentially complete and rolling. Low mileage and started 2nd prod. earlier this year [ in dry storage ]. Only known fault is a small leak has developed since standig and looks like it's coming from the clutch push rod area [ failed seal ? ] Could be swapped to Race Rep look just requires Clip-Ons.

The bike has unique body panels made by Pete Kyte [ alloy bucks ] - they have been moulded in GRP and the bike comes with both sets [ alloy and GRP ]. Also has unique 4 > 1 stainless upswept exhaust and "quiet" road can. Fitted with RAMSHOX rear unit [ new ]. Loads of new parts. All bodywork new / excellent condition ready for paint of your choice. I'd love to see this one finished and on the road before it's too late :-({|=

I have a complete conversion ready to fit - K1100 forks with modified top yoke and RAM progressive fork springs [ new, not fitted ], 4 pot Brembos and discs, K1200S 5 spoke alloys [ newly painted Gold ] with tyres.

Would sell as a job lot with all spares - or bike only. Offers invited. Based in UK
Well - nearly 2 years on ..... the bike didn't get sold, and more importantly, my health has improved to the point where I'm charging on with my KZ750 Twin build [ now a 60's style Cafe Racer ] and then my pal asked me if I was going to store the Kay in his workshop forever !!! That WAS tongue in cheek - but I thought, what the hell. Unfortunately I had already sold the wheels, forks etc. But last year came across a set of forks for £50 !!! Be rude not to. Then a front wheel and tyre came along for £25 [ only a 3 spoke ], but I have got discs and calipers in my garage.Just need another [!] 5 spoke rear wheel and I have all the parts back again.

The bike started 3rd. twist of the key 18 months ago when we decided to see if it would still run.

Just need to stay healthy now.
5 spoke rear wheel / disc and caliper secured via e-bay - £125 the lot. I have a good rear tyre in my stash.

Man I love this feeling healthy !

Might morph into a Cafe Racer yet as I have Tarrozi clip ons and rear sets in my shed.
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