NT650 hawk restomod

So I never did post how bad the original tank was. Most of the Hawks that live anywhere damp have had tanks like this. California you can still find ones with solid rust free units but not here.


Yeah its past my ability to try and fix. I actually like the F2 tank better on the bike anyway and it holds about a gallon more gas too so range is increased a lot between fills.
Stole Magoo's ride to go to work. My GL starter button shit the bed again. May need to break down and buy a new RHS control.
So got home and did the pilots. half turn out on the front carb and better, couldn't get the back, what a bugger. went to Hawk forum and found this;

"And if you're making adjustments on the bike you'll need a really short custom cut stubby to fit in between the frame and carbs"

so made this;

And got a half turn out on the rear carb. Need to ride it but I bet it has it running correct. Last step is maybe a needle adjustment for 3/4-WOT but I'll wait for that as Magoo doesn't need that power yet.
We are still working on the tune. I leaned out the bottom a little and now it's better there. I did the WOT plug chop after and it now showed lean, definitely needed the next up in jets at least. So I swapped jets last night and will give it a WOT run again tonight and chop the plugs. Need to buy another set though as I made the mistake of having the choke on with the temps in the 90's and flooded it and fouled the plugs bad. thought I lost spark but put a spare from another bike on the lead and hit the starter and nice fat spark on it. fouled plug nada. Iridium do not like gas on them at all. Going to buy the standard NGK for now as they can be cleaned better during tuning.
Hawks are slow, Hawks are slow. Top speed maybe. Holy shit I did the plug swap, fired on one stab of the button. Left drive the way I used to and almost wheelied. Shit eating grin. Redline 1-3 in seconds and 4--5 not much slower hit the ton in a crouch on a SHORT stretch of 55mph road straight and continued to do 45 miles of fun ass twisties. 50-70mph in no time just for fun. Texted Magoo be careful she's angry now.
That's great to hear man, glad you got the tune sorted, sounds like a very fun bike !
Gonna have to fight Magoo to get to ride the bike now. He took it out yesterday after I got home from work with it and came home with a huge grin! He said it was like a new bike and loved it. He came home after a short 10 min test ride, took off his gear and went in the house, 10 min later he said, I'm going back out and came home 1.5 hours later LOL.
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