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Not sure if I've ever put my beasties up on here, but here they are in all their glory: Avro my Siberian husky and Libby my great Pyrenees (they're 5 years old each) the tiny human in the pictures is my daughter Colson (currently one and a half- the pics are a bit old...). Oddly enough I don't have any of my son with the dogs.
Oh yeah, and a bunch of fish.



I am on board too Desmo. Pets are like bikes, there is always room for one more. Ollie looks cool. Here is Little guy. He was given to us bye some kids who's dad was driving a stagecoach ( for real an honest horse drawn stagecoach ). The kids found him as a kitten in a ground hog hole. He was hit by a car and thought dead a year later. When I picked him out of the road his paw flinched. Long story short he is alive and well and weird despite his traumatic brain injury 7 years ago. Now he has 6 brothers and sisters, all cats that wandered up and found some food and love. Oh cant have too many rusty signs in your living room either


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my little man otto, went to the great scratching post in the sky this week, total kidney failure, he's gonna be missed



Vmax...why,yes i think i will
gnocchi the black cat who was otto's bestest friend, and the can of air freshener on the table is totally necessary with those two farting monsters in the background

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Here we have Sadie, Crowley, and Arkady. Arkady is the husky and he is around 11, Sadie is the red aussie and is 3, Crowley is almost 9 months. I've had Arkady since I got him from a shelter in texas in 2010. Sadie was a present to the wife, and Crowley came along because the wife decided 2 dogs wasn't enough.


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The Baby's 4th word. Sasha. She said Da Da, Ma Ma, then Banana, then Clear as a bell pointed at the dog and said Sasha. Sadly dog is 12 almost 13 so may be gone before Holly gets old enough to really remember her.
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Clyde (Texas Heeler) on the left. RIP. Lost him this past fall. Alice (ACD), the pup and the pain-in-the-ass, on the right. I love them heelers.



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Glad this thread got resurrected. Here are our three. Bode on the left is half Aussie, half Bernesese Mountain dog, he's 14 now and getting slower. The Harlequin Great Dane is another rescue. He's Thor and is 9yrs old now, doing well despite a cancer diagnoses 5 years ago. On the right is our 5yr old AKC Australian Shepherd Bailey, one of the smartest dogs I've ever had. We lost our female cat Sushi after 16 years to liver failure this summer. The fat black panther is Saki, he hates dogs but he acts like one.
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