pics of you riding you bike

stript.714 o/c said:
Any one else want to add anything? I also wear an opened face helmet with sun glasses . HAHAHA

Just read your build, nice bike. Like the stripped frame and seat. And I wear an open face on my CB as well because I look cool and it's easier to talk to girls.

Seriously dude I don't give a shit how you ride but I have to break your balls a little bit for riding a moto like a BMX bike. Post some rash pics when you dump it ;)
Yeah yeah i take turns like a horse jockey laugh it up. Thanks for the kind words sir ;D , and the ball bashing DICK LOL
pawn said:
hey dr j any chance you have some pics of how you mounted that bag and what is that bag? I really need to have an option to carry stuff and just want to see how you have that mounted by the shock. Thanks!

I made that bag. I was inspired by seeing a mounted policeman with a similar bag on his saddle. It's bolted to a bracket I made from scrap steel. I can post more pics later.

Yeah show us more pictures that thing is trick. Looks like a cool little old school bike gathering your at. Where do you live?
I see all the pics of the bike and now i am thinking to buy the bike now i have no bike but these pic are very beautiful to watch.
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