pics of you riding you bike

sr85 said:
Awesome looking bike . You have a build thread?
Ringo said:
I bet there's a big smile under that helmet. :D

Where'd you stash the trophy for the ride, by the way?

There was a big smile. That pic was taken as I was leaving the show and going to the after-party/awards ceremony so I had no idea I had won anything at the time. Luckily my wife was at the show so the trophy and prizes (new hemet and t-shirts) rode home with her in the car. I don't know how I would have gotten it home is she hadn't been there. :)
Ghosttown said:
oh yeah....


FTWCO! Hell yeah! You're the first person outside of their site with one of those. I've got one on my cage. I'm slappin on a CoC decal on my bike once I finish painting my bike.
M3MATT Those pipes are sick!!!!! is that your 360 build ? Your bike came out looking completely different .
dont have any on the cafe cuz i've never had one and the one we're building is our first..

but from years ago..


and from last year

stript.714 o/c said:
cool deal . i like it . Yo u must run out of gas often with that tiny tank lol

Only run out when i forget to top up... haha quite often you can see me in the streets of sydney pushing my bike 100s of metres to the nearest fuel station. Haha. Its inconvenient but conveniently suits the bikes look (well i think)
my 1973 honda cb350f. i was out riding and a friend randomly passed me. i found the pic on facebook that night!

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