pidjones '72 T150V rescue

Well, tried it again today, pulled plugs and they were black (discovered the air pilots one turn too far in). Installed new plugs in 2 & 3, but the #1 hole that I had carefully chased (almost a gear ago) finally stripped all the way, so repair kit ordered for that.
Ugh, that sucks.
Used an OEMtools (Great Neck) plug thread repair kit to fix the plug threads. The insert seals to the head with RTV, so will have to wait until tomorrow to try it but felt good when finished. Got to get it finished and sold to make room for the '75 GL1000 that is next!
Finally had it started for a bit today. All valve clearances had tightened up. I'll need to keep an eye on that. I had set them carefully. Don't see how the valves could have receded that much in the little that I've run it. At least it has all 150 main jets in it now. The key switch that I had changed to (the old one was shot) keeps turning OFF when bumped by my leg. I have another (different style) ordered.
Started yesterday and seemed to run well (not ridden - I'm still working my way into riding reverse foot controls). Also, I had been starting it on 15W40 Rotella. That is drained and Castrol GTX 20W50 in. I think the starting problem was that the fuel level in the tank was too low. After adding another gallon, it finally gets fuel when tickled. Anyway, sorted for now and I will load it up and haul it to the Possum Gathering in Sevierville, TN for Friday and Saturday.


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Took her to the Possum Gathering and today started and rode her two laps around the track. Goofy-foot brake and shifter still messing me up, but she ran well. So many gorgeous bikes at the show.


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Took her out for a short spin around the neighborhood this morning. Left foot brake right foot shift still has me screwed up.
Took her out for a short spin around the neighborhood this morning. Left foot brake right foot shift still has me screwed up.
People say, "aww, you can get used to it." I had a BSA B50, and after a year of riding I was still trying to upshift with the brake pedal. Some people have deeper ruts in their pre-motor cortex.
Set the timing by strobe today. Was pretty far off - at the A (GG model, so before the crank change) at idle, so retarded it a bunch. Seems to start better now, but not full cold so don't know for sure. Was over 80F before I finished, so let the fan cool it down and put it up.

We have arborists (locally called wood butchers) coming tomorrow so we can give them a butt-load of money to take out some trees threatening our house. Soon, the neighbor will follow me on his Spyder while I give the T150 30 or so miles try-out.
Yeah, well... Waited all morning for the tree guys to not show, then they called and said it will be next Wednesday, then it rained. So.... hopefully tomorrow. Pulled it out and started it though. Still takes about 20 kicks for it to light and stay lit. Might add some fuel to raise the head to the carbs a bit. It used to start pretty easy when I had it on the fuel cell held two ft above.

But hey! I did get it run enough to vibrate off the first nut and washer (left bottom shock mount) Put it back on with a good dose of blue Locktite.
Rode it a couple laps around the neighborhood and decided it isn't for me. No motorcycle enjoyment when constantly thinking about the right foot shift, left foot brake. So, she's for sale.
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