pidjones '72 T150V rescue

I found out that the tank badges on this '72 T150V are mounted with 2BA domed head countersunk screws. My tank had lots of paint and rust in the threads. Close enough to a 10-32 that I re-tapped with a 10-32 tap and bought 10-32 flathead Allen socket screws for it. Not "proper", but they really grumble when they hear that I rewired it negative ground with Honda GoldWing handlebar switches and headlight bucket. The tins are curing nicely, awaiting another warm dry period for the clearcoat.
painted tins.jpg
The best thing that can happen to a Triumph is Honda parts. I often used Honda 160 coils on 650 twins.
Finally a break in the weather! Put clear coat on the Triumph project tank, fenders, and side covers. Curing overnight and will wet sand a bit and polish over the next few days as the weather goes away (again).
That looks good. Not standard T150 colors. Much brighter and that makes it look very different. All it really needs now are a set of Raygun silencers. :)
That looks good. Not standard T150 colors. Much brighter and that makes it look very different. All it really needs now are a set of Raygun silencers. :)
Yeah, not standard in so many ways. Not about to put the $$$ in Rayguns. Will just have to run with these pit bike cans.
Wish it had pearl in it, but it is just Duplicolor Competition White with some dark green and black to give the tone. SprayMax Glamor Clear coat. Depending on the weather, I might get some photos of it in the sun tomorrow. Couple more parts (90 degree adapters from the petcocks to fuel lines) and I can gas her up.
What has pleasantly surprised me is the huge range of parts of Triumphs available from various sources. A lot of parts were common between T140 and T150. Not sure how it is for more obscure parts. For example handlebar switches I can find rebuild kits in the UK but repop switches are all out of stock and hugely expensive.
And I found replacement parts are a fraction of the cost of getting them re-chromed. that included fork legs and shift levers and so on. Exhaust are also much cheaper than I had expected.
For sure Rayguns might be a bit pricey but a set of replica Dunstall mufflers are quite cost effective and fit the look and sound really well. I am not looking forward to matching the tank paint color though.
Yeah, not standard in so many ways. Not about to put the $$$ in Rayguns. Will just have to run with these pit bike cans.
I'm kind of digging the "pit bike cans." So much of what you can do with a T150 has already been done. We've been down those trails before.
Got it out in the sun. It really has a green shade to it, but most photos make it look white. Tomorrow I go to a orthopedic doctor to see if it will be Ok for me to try kicking it. Right knee. Just started about a month ago, and isn't getting better. Suspect to either be arthritis or torn meniscus. Hoping for meniscus, because that should be repairable. The chain guard will take a while to figure out and get done. If it can be started, it will be ridden without. Little white tube sticking out of the top of the headstock is the end of my #2 carb tickler tool.
Doctor sez good news on the knee - no meniscus damage. It is deteriorating cartilage (arthritis) . Just do at-home PT and take anti-inflammatories. Can kick the bike off, just judge by pain if needed to do it less. So... gas it up soon!

Today, I moved the front brake cable to the right side of the headstock so it would not hit the front fender, and put 3M clear paint protector film under the key switch. Also have mirrors and fuel filters on order. Although I flushed this tank well, sleep will come easier with filters inline along with the in-tank screens.
Put about a gallon in the tank and checked for petcock leaks, which happened so I drained the tank and applied heavy Teflon tape to the threads. The, re-installed with new "Dowty" washers and tightened up. Put the petrol back in and waiting overnight to make sure.
After early morning heavy rain, had to wait until about 2pm for the driveway to dry. Backed the Spyder out of the way, then the T150 with oil tank refilled and battery topped off with the tender. Turned the fuel on and heavily tickled all three carbs. Never got fuel squirting out of any. Tried kicking off but of course nothing doing. Not going to over-do it on this arthritic knee, so rolled all back in. I would have investigated further, but just as I was pulling my boots on to back it out, the power went out so there was no lighting to work. I suspect that I cut the new fuel lines too short and they are pinching off where they bend from the filters to the carbs. Power wasn't back until 9pm. Had quite a bit of wind.
Man, I'm out-of-shape! Finally got it started by draining the tank and float bowls, starting it on my aux tank with fresh fuel, then after warming it, put a gallon or two in the tank, started on the aux tank then switched over and it kept running on the regular tank. Suspect there was combination of fogging and 2-stroke oil plus old gas in the tank. After draining and filling with fresh 100% gasoline (87 octane), it was Ok. Only rode it up the hill ~50 yards (rather steep, but concrete), then down the street another ~50 yards, and finally back around behind the house (very steep and curved). Wanted mainly to check clutch (needed 1/2 turn on the cable adjustment screw) and brakes (worked, but every bike I've had since 1972 has been hydraulic disk-I'm spoiled). Worst part is getting used to left foot brake, right foot shift. I never got it out of first, however. By the time we pulled up behind the house, I was beat. Combination of physical stress (dozens of kicks before she finally ran) and mental (the left-right foot thing had me primarily using the front brake). It will get easier with time.
I hear you. But you did get it started and managed to ride it and that has to feel good. Kickstarting bikes was fine when we were young, but an electric foot is a better option for most of us.

Maybe ride it a few times to enjoy the fruits of your labor and then flip it.
Well, tried it again today, pulled plugs and they were black (discovered the air pilots one turn too far in). Installed new plugs in 2 & 3, but the #1 hole that I had carefully chased (almost a gear ago) finally stripped all the way, so repair kit ordered for that.
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