Pjdaves DRZ 400 scrambler

Small progress, I dropped the headlight brackets down and fabricated the mounts for the front guard.


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I built a Mini paint booth and got to painting everything, the rest of the parts came back from Powdercoat and I got it back on its feet. Seat is done. Exhaust and wiring next. pj


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That is fantastic!

Are you keeping the tank polished, or are you planning on painting it?
At the Australian Deus Bike build off on the weekend. Pic stolen from http://www.weareninetynine.co/events-rides/deus-bike-build-off-sydney/


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pjdave said:
The Side covers are bead rolled, the seat pan has round bar tacked to the edges.
A little more progress. Fabrication is now finished on the rear end, so I started the front end. Yamaha IT inspired number plate. Dave

That is an awesome Marchal headlamp!!! I bet it was very hard to find.
Hey, the Marchel headlight was quite easy to find, I found it while searching on webike for parts for my monkey bike. Would love to have got a yellow one but I wanted to keep this bike legal.
Really diggin it. I have a WR450 that I'd like to work on but the damn radiators look like hell and I can't really toss them in the trash bin.
I have never ridden a super motard (Drz sm), only rode this one about 3 klms before I stripped it down :) Took it for a rip this afternoon pops wheelies easily on and off dirt such a fun bike.

Chop the Wr up, I must admit one of the hardest things of the build was sourcing a radiator, ended up with one off a Honda 08 Cr 125/250.
Your DRZ has been nominated for bike of the month - if you accept, a few more pics of the build wouldn't go astray, I'd be interested to hear a video of how that exhaust sounds too!
Great build mate!
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