Project "Caroline" CB350four And so it begins!

Got into the shop to do a little cleaning today. Just washed and rinsed everything. I also collected a list of parts I’ll need so I’ll get those coming in the mail ASAP.


The paint has a little character on the tank and sidecovers, but I’m a fan of character.

She’s starting to make my dirty cb750 jealous. I’ll have to give her some rag time soon.

And I put the bodywork back on since it only takes a few seconds and is a safe place to store it.



I still need to detail the wheels and go deeper on cleaning the engine, but everything else is pretty clean. The next time I work on her I’m going to start assembling everything.
Got some more shop time today. Mostly cleaning stuff. Irk came through big with the 550 kicker!

I put it on and it’s a lot closer to clearing than the stock jawn. I think with a little bending and trimming on the brake lever it’ll clear nicely.
Here’s some stuff I got cleaned(except for that kick lever, Irk sent that clean af).

The pile of stuff ready to go on the bike is getting bigger.
I also pulled the front brake apart and cleaned everything. Brandon told me it was stuck when last he saw it. Tried a little air but nothing. Next step is to hook a grease gun to it and try to push the piston out. It doesn’t seem to be Stuck stuck. I was able to push it in by compressing it with my hands.

Going to repaint the caliper as well.
Not a giant update, but I had a free hour this afternoon and I really do enjoy sitting down and cleaning dirty parts.
If that caliper gives you fits and a 550 is the same, I think I have a spare good one, for Free fiddy.

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Got some more shop time in today. Started out with the carbs. The parts bin that came with the bike included a set of stainless sockethead screws (from Stainless Cycles who no longer operate their website but still sell on eBay) to replace the JIS stuff on the carbs. I also took the opportunity to clean and do some more polishing on the tops and bowls. The bike also came with four new needle valves (from so I replaced those while the bowls were off.




Then I used the old ratchet strap and 2x4’s method to get the carbs back into those old boots after being off for several years. I put a little silicone lube on the carbs and the boots to help things along. It went pretty smoothly.



Once the carbs were on I went ahead and put the airbox and the battery tray/also airbox on.


And that was where I stopped. I really enjoyed working on the bike today. I called Brandon and thanked him for buying all these choice bits almost ten years ago.
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