Project "Caroline" CB350four And so it begins!


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brandon that looks great! complete change!!! i just swapped my bandit guage lights for M5 LEDs in blue they are awesome! you may want to consider doing the same would give it a very NEW look


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I like them B. New LED's would be brighter but you may want to keep the vintage feel with the incadescent bulbs, If you need less draw on the electrical a swap to LED would make sense, but the old bike old bulbs kind of suites, even with the new faces, you kept the vintage logo, so it fits.



Re: Project "Caroline" CB350four And so it Continues!

Thanks guys, I have been keeping with the theme that all of the mods I am doing on the bike as far as appearance wise could have been done to the bike in the 70's, so I like the look of the incandescent bulbs. They just have a nice warm glow about them and like I said, the picture really does not give you a clue of how they actually look while illuminated. In person they are way brighter and the white shows up better. The real look I am after is for the finished bike to look as if it were a factory made concept bike or a low numbers special production bike.


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tWistedWheelz said:
Finally got these finished up!

Tried a pic with it lit, but the pic does it no justice!
Those are awesome! Did you make them yourself??


Thanks guys, I have been so busy with my new position at work, I have not even had time to log on to DTT in a while, much less actually get out in the shop and work on Caroline. EWD, I did make thos faces myself and I have some designs for sale through Dime city Cycles if you want to check them out.

Just so you all know, as soon as I get a chance to get back on Caroline I will. In the meantime I have picked up a 1977 Suzuki GS750 that I am riding. I bought it at a great deal and got it running quick. I am not going to do any more work on it now. I am just going to ride it a bit and sell it to give myself some extra money for Caroline.

I hope to be back at it soon. Hope all of you are well!


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About time you get back to this!! I read through this entire thread the other day and it just stopped... haha. Glad to see your back at it man. I really like what you got goin on here. Cant wait to see more!


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good to know that you're at least thinking about working on her. Btw when do we get some pics of your new special part??? ;)

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Did Brandon get his "surgery"? Congrats! So, is it Brenda now?

Seriously man, we need updates!


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Brandon, I commented on your Facebook, but il ask here too, as many of us have seen the weather is getting crazy out east, you and your wife alright?


Just got in the suprise part! It took long enough, but I have been too busy to work anyway. Here it is though, hope you guys dig it!


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Very nice and clean man. I love it. We need to get up on some motor work. How is the Tennessee trip looking for you?

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Cant make it man, my wife and I are going on a trip for our anniversary a week before the tenn. trip, so I will not be able to take time off work again. I thought of trying to get Amy to go to tenn. and let that be our anniversary trip.......I just got a "look" when I mentioned it!

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