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Re: Re: New Project Finally! 1978 Honda Twinstar CM185t: The Black Pearl

Sweet, I'm in to watch and help if I can. I know there was more of these sold in Canada than in US so parts may be easier to get up here.
Thanks Maritime.

Not too much happening this weekend with the unexpected purchase of the GL500. Most of the Twinstar turn signals are broken so we removed them all... one works so I showed Michael that he can use the good signal to test the wiring for the other corners, the horn wiring, brake lights, and as a kind of continuity tester for starter button, etc... at least for wires with juice.

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It's warm and dry enough now to make some progress again finally. I got Michael outside to get those horrible handlebars off.

So here's an idea of what the 185 Twinstar looks like with clipons and an RD350 tank. (the tank is just sitting on top, we'll need to make it work on Honda)

Since the bikes don't have a center stand we had to tie it on both sides with straps while the front was up in the air.

Rear fender off... what an improvement without that obnoxious seat and big fender. Gotta get those new tires mounted.
Are you planning to paint the seat pan? I'm making one, but think i'll make it with fiberglass, to avoid rust and get an easier fabric sticking to it.
flamelspy said:
Are you planning to paint the seat pan? I'm making one, but think i'll make it with fiberglass, to avoid rust and get an easier fabric sticking to it.
Ya, it will be painted and covered. Won't have to worry about rust for many many years with a coat of rustoleum paint and this is way simpler/cleaner/cheaper than fiberglass. Planning to use high density foam and vinyl for the seat padding.

Koëstom said:
Cutting the seat pan
Michael gettin' busy with the sawsall... buh-bye frame rails and mufflers. And checking fit of front fender on rear with seat template.

Got Michael removing the speedo, we also removed the upper triple clamp so I can take it to work and mill it flat.
Got an eBay tank but the mounts weren't in the right place so I made some new mounts from sheet steel and a co-worker welded the in f us.

And also took the wheels & tires in for mounting


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Tank is fitted nearly perfect now and test footing the seat pan template. Also... the new knobbies are installed. Unfortunately I've temporarily misplaced the upper triple clamp but it will turn up... I just had it in hand last week.




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Made this little seat hoop at lunch on the Model 3 and shop press, came out great!


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trek97 said:
Very nice.

Thanks, looks like it needs a little tweaking... not much clearance unless we can adjust the shocks a little higher.
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MiniatureNinja said:
you've got the same clearance I do - no rubbing yet.
Thanks Ninja I frgot to mention it's on a stand so its at full droop, no weight in the rear the pic. And these shocks aren't adjustable... so maybe just some new shocks a little longer will do.

On another note, my son removed the airbox & battery box in preparation to relocate electrics so we have it a bath... much of the rusty looking stuff is just red dirt so it's looking a bit more shiny now.



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It's your bike and your vision, but clipons and knobby tires don't usually work well together. Clipons and rearsets usually are found on road racers where it's important to tuck in comfortably out of the wind. Stock pegs and clipons are not a comfortable combination on the street and make it harder to control the bike, which is why they go together.

Nobbies are designed to work best off road and don't have as much grip as smoother street tires. Might I suggest higher (motocross) type bars to go with the stock footpegs and those tires for more of a street scrambler/post apocalypse/urban assault look.
Yup, thanks teazer.

Aware of all of the above and more. It's all for fun, it won't be a race bike and it's a work in progress.
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