Real back in the day survivor


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A friend has owned this bike for years.
Now I finally own it.
Was built in LA in '74 out of a crated brand new bike.
This is a cb550.

Wiring is shot and a rats net so that's the first job.
Carbs were just rebuilt, soda blasted an polished.
Has new tires.
Needs front brake hooked up and shoes replaced.

Silver tank now though



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Started work on the wiring....
And boy did it need it.
Millions of but connectors and the super crazy thin wire powering the coils.
I spent most of the day making my own harness, luck this bike doesnt really need that many wires.

Bike is weeping oil, not sure from where.
Does look like at some point the bike will need a head gasket, but hopping not till next winter.

Need to order new chain and sprockets.
The rear on the bike now is tiny and robs the low end it needs.
Also starting to think about running an exhaust that is more then just headers.
Right now it just has real dunstal headers, I have the mid pipe but it doesnt fit.
Thinking side mounted fish tails.

Here is a better picture of the front.
Still dont know if its correct or not.
But did find that the neck bearings were shot, so those will need to be replaced.
Zero idea if they are honda, amen, or harley parts. Will need to find out.

Ordered some grips and a better rear brake light trigger.
The bike had mini clubmans on it before I got it, and I am thinking I want to go with them now.
They will push the controls just a bit forward and that would really make the bike more comfortable.

And the number one part that every bike should have!


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'...neck bearings are shot...'

Would hardly think it would matter ;)


over there.....
Love it. Kick myself for not buying a chopped 750 frame way way way back in the 80s.


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I'm 99% sure Amen frames used Harley neck bearings. A quick measurement of the steering stem would tell you though.


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Found out amen made frames for the cb550 that were for either Honda or Harley front ends

Got some work in this weekend.

Replaced these

With new shoes

Nothing like some 50cc Honda brakes to make you feel safe..

Wheel still needs a cleaning

Neck bearings where shot.
Ordered new ones.

Think these are going to be to small...lame


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New taillight.

Ill get one "compressed"
I'm told now this is correct as the front end is a jammer

Not sure exactly where to mount the brake stay

Everything else look right?



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Got through finals so now back to bikes!

New levers are in.
Got the emgo "Amal" clones, nice and clean.

All balls bearings are in too.
Will install tomorrow.

Was messing around with bars.

Buddy had some left over apes...he likes apes on not so much.

I kinda prefer the lower bar look.
They give me just enough room to be comfortable.

Whatcha think?

Honey do list for tomorrow.
-neck bearings
-finish wiring
-install bars
-mock up tail light
-seak out oil leak

I would like an oil cooler for this bike.
Will a cb750 one work? How about a nighthawk one?

Saw the cycle X roadster drag pipes and think I'm going to see if they will make them in a cb550 sized pipe.
Would like to mount a tach to the valve cover but unsure if I will or how to do that.
Wireless bycicle speedo will also be installed.


check out my Amen project, I posted a video of my 750 with Cycle X Low Boy Super Drags. If you have never heard them you will want some afterwards! lol


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Well put some time into the bike today.
-got the wiring all but finished.
-steering head bearings installed.
-bars and controls mounted.

Had an issue with the brake stay though...
Couldn't help but notice that when the brake is applied the force effects the suspension movement. At best it licks everything from moving, at worst it causes the fork to bind in the full extended position. I know it's not much of an actual brake, butthuscant be right.

What do you guys think? Can't actually be right?

Steering bearings came out extra broken

Using one as a kill switch and the other for a horn button

Amal repro levers

Almost done with the controls



man that brake stay should be ran more on a horizontal plane shouldn't it? I can totally see how it binds everything up with the stay almost vertical like that.
Is there anyway to let the drum rotate forward more and get the stay forward of the axle center? Think like how the rear drum stay works.


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Might try it on the front side.

Issue is that as the axle moves up and down with the suspension the angle of the brake stay moves.
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