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My father was a metal polisher for various companies doing chrome plating. All the parts have to be stripped first, like chroming in reverse. It's a nasty process with caustic chemicals. Then, they have to be re-polished, de-grease, nickel plated, copper plated then chrome over everything (it's what's referred as 'triple plating') Nickel and copper are 'relatively safe but chrome plating uses highly toxic chemicals (well, they all do but chrome uses cyanide if I remember right?) Restoration is often lot more expensive than replacement parts, depending if anything needs re-working before polishing and plating (filling pis with braze, welding cracks, etc) It's usually a lot cheaper if you have parts stripped then do 80%~90% of re-working. . Things like kickstart levers, etc are usually OK to do ('thick steel', anything that won't be affected with 0.001"~0.005" ground/polished off) I used to get a lot of stuff done real cheap ( or free when dad worked nights ;) ) 40 yrs ago For original look On full restorations it's not unusual for a 10/10 resto to be downgraded if parts are over polished. Original parts may have casting seams, sand patterns, etc. When removed it devalues vehicle but realistically that's only for show vehicles restored to 'original condition, I preferred to have seams removed ;D

What do you guys think about swapping out the rear spoked wheel with a Henry Abe "star" mag wheel?
Found a NOS CB750 wheel that should work.
Im a sucker for vintage mag wheels...
I like the Henry Abe wheels. Is it the 16 or 18? I have a GL set I'm sitting on. I'm going with Kawi mags on mine over the 750f spokes, because I also like vintage mags. So, I say go with the Abes, especially if it's an 18.
It is a 16 inch.
Normally I like the 18s, but I think on a chopper I like the old school look of the 16.

Bike always has had a 16 rear.

Also the 16in rear mag wheels are almost worthless as so many people want the 18, so I can get a brand new wheel for what it would cost to get spokes!
Still unpacking, and still finding cool junk.

I saw this dizzy set up on a bike in a CL add in TX.
Guy was open to parting out, but really wanted to sell it whole. Bike had a few other trick road race parts on it, but the dizzy was what I wanted.

Figured I had missed out.

THEN someone on the soho forum popped up talking about how he wanted to buy it for some of the parts and sell off the rest.
We tried to make a deal on the dizzy, but things went quite.

YEARS latter a guy on FB posted that he was parting out this bike and didn't know what most of the stuff was.
We struck a deal and I got the part!

It really is super cool.
Obviously not a performance piece in the modern world as a Dyna S will shock the hell out of this.

But, I just love weird old junk like this.
Unsure if I will rebuild this, or just run the ARD.

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