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Rusnak_322 said:
I went with a side mount plate. I wanted it to be under the tail light, but it would have to be almost horizontal to not hit the tire.

Here is my tail light mounted up

It uses a two wire connector to allow it to be mounted to the tail and still be removable.

who makes this tail light? this bike is unreal, seat is awesome!


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thanks -
I miss my bike.
I can't wait to start the next one. I need to pick a bike and buy it before I change my mind. I keep going between a XR600 and a vintage triumph as a starting point. I really want a old Moto Guzzi, but can't swing to high of a cost and they are not exactly for sale on every street corner.

Rusnak_322 said:
The light came from -

they have them with built in turn signals (1/2 of it flashes) they also can be bent like I did. I was going to have it on the back hoop of the frame, but I messed up the measurement when I had the frame welded. I was going to have it flush with the rear of the FRP tail but it is slightly recessed.


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bubonicplay said:
what kind of rear shocks are those, does anyone know?
Chinese ripoff of a quality Ohlins shock. They are junk and are prone to breaking the lower clevis mount off, but what do you want for $89pr. off Ebay. They are made for bikes weighing in the 250lb range. I like how they cleverly disguised the Ohlins name, really?


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If you can re-build the shocks they work really well.
I've got around 110psi of nitrogen in mine and nothing has failed (found out a year later that 75psi is recommended max pressure ;D )
It NEEDS a fork brace
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