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Bike looks good. I will take apart the shocks and paint the reservoir black. Other than that, its tits


OK, I got the bike done in time for Vintage days at Mid-Ohio and put it in the Cafe Racer Magazine bike show.
It was pretty cool to see so many people looking it over and taking pictures of details and the whole bike.

I got the seat done by a local shop for $60. I made a metal base and he covered it. Took only two days.

I had problems with the charging system and eventually bought a Oregon rect/reg unit. Now all my electronics are that, a battery and a fuse box.



I went with a side mount plate. I wanted it to be under the tail light, but it would have to be almost horizontal to not hit the tire.

Here is my tail light mounted up

It uses a two wire connector to allow it to be mounted to the tail and still be removable.



I did not like the way that the head light stuck out too far on my bike, I wanted it pulled in more. So I measured up my brackets and went shopping online. These Taiwanese made brackets were advertised at about 1" shorter then what I had. I guess they didn't count the fork bracket like I did. Oh well, same length, better looking but more expensive.

I have only ridden the bike about 30 miles, but I stopped last night and took some cell phone pics at dusk.

I would still like to learn how to take a decent picture and get some glamour shotz while it is still so clean and new looking.

I also need to figure out the reason for my high idle. Otherwise she runs good. I saw an indicated 80 mph and carburates (sp?) pretty clean.


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that's me droolingon your bike at mid ohio. I am in the greater cleveland area too man once i get my 350 in order we should get out downtown for some riding. Tail light and plate turned out super tight man.


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Man, today is the first time I think I've seen this thread... nice lookng 360... Hope mine turns out close to that nice.


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looks beautiful man. great job, love it. If you were around new york I would say come by and get some photography lessons...


The light came from -

they have them with built in turn signals (1/2 of it flashes) they also can be bent like I did. I was going to have it on the back hoop of the frame, but I messed up the measurement when I had the frame welded. I was going to have it flush with the rear of the FRP tail but it is slightly recessed.


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looks great where it is... fades away when off...
I was toying with housing something like that flush to the cowl. use some shaped plexi as a window.


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Nice moto-sickle! But, I am afraid I think that your mods are ugly... only cause I'm jealous. Your newest mods are the exact same things I wanted to do to my 350f! :) I like that color scheme also. Almost went to Mid-Ohio but went to Superbike the weekend prior instead. Could have seen this bad girl in person. Shucks..


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This thing is awesome. Congrats on a job well done. Second time I have seen that tail light done. I really like it.


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Looks Great! We are on the East side of Cleveland and we can do photos. Send me a pm if you want to get together and take a few shots.

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