SYM Wolf 150 Build


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Bought my first bike, Wolf 150, and immediately started tearing parts off.

This is the bike before I started removing bolts. Previous owner had already replaced the seat, which was on my to do list.
Cleaned up the rear end. There was an ugly license plate assembly that was oversized and a light that didn't even point at the plate. Got rid of that and the cracked rubber stalks on the turn signals.

Pulled the smog and adjusted the carb. Replaced the vacuum petcock with a manual one. Changed the fuel tubing for clear yellow and cleaned up the routing.

Got rid of the old gauges. Speedo/tach was from amazon, indicator lights I built out of PVC. Removed the choke cable. Mounted the assembly to sit flush with the top of the clip-ons. Also mounted a USB plug on the inside of the headlight bracket.


The kitchen at my work was throwing out an old stainless steel heat lamp/food warmer. So I pulled it out of the garbage and made myself a heat shield.

Stock plastic side covers had bad lines. So I build some wood slat covers that run parallel to the tank lines.

Welome to DTT

She is one sweet looking machine. 8)

And you really had me up until the wooden side covers...But I really can't talk as I got one made from cardboard. ::)
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Trek97, got a link to your build? I have to see more of that bike. Your side covers are way better than mine.

How have I not seen that dudes videos before, amazing.. I am proud to be compared to a man of his skill ;D
You could have saved a few bucks and just used some garden lattice for the side covers. I think Ichiban Moto would definitely call this build 'badass.'
I'd like to believe it would get a 5(6) out of 5 Ichiban sticker rating.

Trek, that build is awesome. The engine rebuild is immaculate! Totally going to use that Honda Silver on my engine when I get around to finishing it.
Ichiban Moto said:
somebody should ask Tim if we can do an "Ichiban Moto" modification of the month award?

Not a bad idea, but how would you be able to choose? So much goodness and so few months!
Installed some new levers. Had to cut and file the clutch lever to fit and cut the cable adjustment mount(engine side). But it works!


Gotta replace the clutch perch to get rid of the up/down play. Had been an issue prior to swap.
Bought a $20 cafe seat for shits n giggles. Never sent me the mounting brackets, so I made it work with stuff from the hardware store.

Shortly after mounting, I realized the side covers look really funny with that seat. So put the old covers on and discovered the lines match perfectly with the new seat.

Also my saddle bags arrived. Without the wood slats to mount them to, per my original plan, one of them was mounted in the rear. Worked out because the cafe seat created an ugly gap on the fender.
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Several solder attempts later I fixed the $2 electronic flasher to complete my LED turn signal swap.

(Promise its flashing and not solid anymore)
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