SYM Wolf 150 Build


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Hi, so I know it's been a minute since you did your build but I just picked up a wolf 150 and in my search came across this thread. The PO of my bike had removed the tach and speedo as well as a few other random parts. I have the tach and speedo but not the chrome cases. I see that you chose to not use them on your build. Any chance that you would still have them and be interested in selling? I saw you have WA plates, I am up in Bellingham. Let me know. Cheers!
If you still need them I got them. I gotta check their condition though. PO dropped the bike on gravel, so I know one of them is cracked. If you aren't already, join 'Lovers of SYM Wolf 150' on facebook, I'm more active there.


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I have joined the FB already group as well. Are the "cans" metal or plastic? and do you believe that the cracked one is usable or repairable? If you are interested in selling let me know a price. Cheers!
Awesome bike, have had my wolf for about 3 years now and am looking to start modding it out. There are really not a whole lot of people detailing their mods like this, so I was wondering if you have any links online to the parts you bought? (more specifically the gauges, handlebars, mirrors, etc)
Thanks for your help

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