Take 2: CB750K2 Steampunk(ish) Bobber Thing

Noddy78 said:
Funny you should mention that, I did have the idea of actually hand painting some intricate design all over the frame... still might happen given these results after a day sitting in a bucket with a salt-water solution sprayed on it:

Wipe with muriatic acid + spray with peroxide = instant rust.
I followed your other build and enjoyed it, I'm liking the direction this is headed as well. I've been around gun bluing most of my life and I would not advise it for a motorcycle frame. It looks nice but it takes a good bit of care and attention to avoid surface rust. Parkerizing or something of that nature, something you'd find on a military weapon might work better.

Love the wheels and gauges though, looks very cool.
Wow Noddy I'm blown away!!
Outstanding work! I could look at those gauges all day! Absolutely gorgeous!
Thanks for the kind words guys, I'm totally chuffed with them too. Currently getting onto the varnishing now, hopefully I can get the finish I'm aiming for.
So.. engine tear-down over the weekend. Found just a little bit of metal in the engine...




The culprit:


It looks like the cam shaft had a blow out at some stage and the timing chain chewed up the valve cover... I can only assume the PO welded up the cam shaft and put it all back together (cam shaft was attached to the cam sprocket by only one bolt), including the stuffed valve cover and left all the bits of metal in the engine! But bugger it, that's what the oil filter is for, right!? ...


Luckily it looks like that did limit the damage, everything else actually looks OK. The only other suspect looking thing were these scratches on the upper crank case:



So, I'm going to need lots of new bits! I'm thinkng 836 kit from Cycle X? What do you reckon?


I'm going to need about two thirds of all that anyway, might as well just go the whole hog...
Those scratches on the mating surface of the crankcase look like a PO's gorilla attempt at removing the old gasket. Are they very deep or are there ridges?
I would just make sure to take a very good look at the crank, crank bearings, and the rest of the crank case. Basically anything that whirls around. With chunks of metal that size in there I wouldn't be surprised to find something else that got scratched up. Better to find it now than to have it fail after you've got the engine all buttoned up.
wowbagger said:
Those scratches on the mating surface of the crankcase look like a PO's gorilla attempt at removing the old gasket. Are they very deep or are there ridges?

I reckon you're right there. No ridges, slight gouges, nothing too terrible though. I'll probably take it in to the machine shop when I get the rest of it done and let them decide.

Having a look over everything else though, it all seems to be in good order. I'm thinking perhaps he never actually got it running again. All the bearings/gears etc look good. I'll go over them with a fine tooth comb when I've got it all cleaned up and before I put it back together, but so far the damage actually looks pretty minimal.
Right, where were we before the great crash of December '14...?

The light was originally some kind of automobile carbide lamp, but there are no plates or makers marks etc to try and find out exactly what it's from. Looked like this originally though:


Also made some progress on the gauge backs:


I think that was it!
I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about wood accents on a steampunk theme but those are coming out beautifully.
Thanks guys, after 14 coats I think it's time to stop with the varnishing and let it all cure for a few weeks.. in the meantime: Let there be light!


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