"Tangerine Dream" / Glemseck - KZ750


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pidjones said:
Reminds me of a GoldWing "shelter".
Yes ...........

All glassing of brackets now completed [ neat finish ] and final trial mock up to make sure brackets didn't move while curing. All OK.

The seat will be the first to be surface filled and primered as I want to get that down to the trimmers to get some ideas.

Now all the brackets are finalised we can also look at the belly pan fairing. It's going to need quite a bit of surfacing to get it right.


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I finally got the mocked up exhaust / head / barrels back. Off next week to be [ hopefully ] welded.

Not bad after sitting for nearly 4 months down the "welder's" workshop.


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I did a final check [ re-check ] of the alignment of the exhaust bends as it was obvious someone had been lifting the assembly via the loosely tacked pipes ! :eek: Amazingly, it was only the heat shield that had moved out of position - still best to check. That's going down to my guy on Monday together with the other parts for machining and bright zinc plating.

We also had a check for the fit of the half fairing - and decided it does look OK !!! It's period correct, but I wasn't sure if it would suit the style of the bike - it does. It has a sort of mini built in dash [ original ], but it's too small to accommodate the new switch panels for ignition, nitrous etc. So we'll create an alloy engine turned dash panel to take all the extra squitter. That also gave us some ideas for the colourways / stripes etc. 8)



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Luugo86 said:
I like the exhaust.
Hey Luugo - thanx mate. My first attempt at a high level Siamese !! One of those deals - I knew what I wanted, but nobody could actually transform it into reality. ;)

Sadly I am no welder and no access to bending equipment, so I bought a bunch of pre formed stainless bends and knitted it up myself ! Again, not being able to tack the joints into position as I went along - I used masking tape to hold it all together with a piece of plumbing foam lagging inside ::) until a pal came along and tacked them up to stop them moving around until a "proper" welder could get at them.

I have to say they did come out exactly as I had in my mind. The heat shield came courtesy of Brit DTT / UK member UK Mark - thanx mate.

The intake was a throwback to my sidecar racing days in the 60's - 650 triumph with Weber 40DCOE ! Everybody was giving me horror stories about aftermarket carbs [ not to mention the cost !! ] so I decided to go the same way with this project. I have had 2 made - a short and long intake. That was going to be for experimenting, but after I decided to go Nitrous - I had to use the longer one to get the Foggers in. Also made up a twin plug head conversion.



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irk miller said:
That carb setup is the business. I love it.
Thanx Irk - and they are SO simple to set up !! None of this carb balancing nonsense and still one choke per cylinder. Oh yes - and I only paid £50 for the carb ! Fortunately I still have a load of Weber spares from my early bike and car days - but spares are readily available and not expensive.

I'm surprised that more peeps haven't experimented with them.

BTW - to anyone who knows ...... the NOS Foggers are 180 degrees out. That's only because it's only gravity holding them in place for the pic and the correct way round they kept falling over !!!!


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Damn. I just jumped on for a minute, and saw this picture on the main page of your work. Had to look more in-depth. I gotta say, bold choice on a KZ750 twin. Speed parts for those are practically nonexistent, so you're blazing a trail. I love it.


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two-smoker said:
Damn. I just jumped on for a minute, and saw this picture on the main page of your work. Had to look more in-depth. I gotta say, bold choice on a KZ750 twin. Speed parts for those are practically nonexistent, so you're blazing a trail. I love it.
TS - thanx .... yep always marched to my own drumbeat ! Guess it would have been a damn sight easier to do a 4 cylinder Kwacker [ anything ! ] - but parts off the shelf builds have never appealed to me. I like a challenge [ yep - KZ750 Twin = challenge ].

I was originally planning my "swansong" 60's style Cafe Racer - Tribsa or similar. But the price of Brit bike stuff is lunatic. And to a degree, I would just be reconstructing the bikes of my youth. Probably built in excess of 20 or so Tribsas [ for myself and mates ] - so nothing new there.

Then I came across this sad looking wreck of a bike for next to nothing and thought the layout had potential. When I researched it I was impressed with the bare bones building blocks and thought "why not" ...... as you do.

Yes - total lack of off the shelf tuning items, but with a little enginuity [ like exhaust cam on inlet - more lift ] and checking out the possibilities for twin plugs, big bore etc. - I was in. Basic Blueprinting and porting are bread and butter for me with twins - so I was up for a challenge. With all that - still never going to be a rocket ship and after investigating both mechanical blowers and Turbos - decided on Nitrous !

I wanted to remain as true as I could to the 1960's formula ...... and the Nitrous is hidden !!!!


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FINALLY .... the headers / ass'y is now with my machine shop guy. He's going to make some new parts / mods and I'm confident he will do the biz. He's a biker so knows exactly what I need.

I also dropped off the mock up rear wheel spacers so he can make new ones. While I was there I dropped in my front spindle ass'y and some small bits for bright zinc plating.

I forgot to take the Nitrous weld bungs .... next time.


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Just got a call from my guy ..... only 1 week after I gave him the job - it's all completed. ;D

He had to re-do most of the exhaust to get the joins where he wanted them for welding and machined new stainless exhaust stubs, then fabbed up an extension for the heat shield in stainless - because he didn't like the mild steel collector being on view !!

All the spacers, spindles and bright zinc plating have also been done - this guy rocks. Pix next week when I collect. 8)


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What a difference a week makes ! After waiting 4 months for the job NOT to be done .... all finished. ;D

The header joints have got to be fettled and polished after we've checked everything in the frame - but looks good so far. He didn't like the exh. stubbs [ MS ] so made new ones in stainless so they could be internally welded. The extension to the heat shield was his idea [ also stainless ] as it hid the MS collector and exh spring. Nitrous bungs were welded after the nozzles were indexed.

All the other machine work and plating has been done - but I left it on his bench !! ::) Pix next time.

Oh, and he's also going to make a front wheel spindle / spacers for my BMW K100 Cafe Racer so I can fit the later K1200RS front wheel, K1100RS forks and 4 pot Brembos..

He's going to do another KZ twin plug head conversion for me, but this time I'm going for 10mm plugs. Anyone want a twin plug head for a KZ750 ?

If anyone in the UK is struggling to get good work done at VERY reasonable rates contact me. I'll post his details in the DTT/UK section.



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And the bonus is ..... that it all still fits ! ;D

Neil Stansbie - Stansbie Engineering Ltd.

Once the exhaust joins have been fettled and linished I'll get the whole thing polished .... exactly the image I had in my head. He didn't want to do all that work until the headers had been trial fitted. I'm toying with the idea of a slim reverse cone megga to finish the exhaust off.

All the new spacers etc. were trialled today and all spot on.

The side panel shape has been finalised and we'll get that transferred to 3mm alloy sheet soon.

Final [?] chassis job is to re-fit the rear wheel and modify the brake torque strut, then I can work out the cable operation. I'm using clutch cable sizes all round [ including the Grimeca ], just for cosmetics.

Next big job [ 'ish ] will be to position the half fairing for ergonomics and cosmetics. Then brackets will be made up. My pal Brian has already made a new "dashboard" and again that will be transferred to 3mm alloy.

I'll also refit the Weber to make sure we still have frame clearance and I can then see how "hidden" the nozzles are. Ideally I want it to be a total "stealth" fitment ! 8)



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On a roll now boys !!! 8)

Weber fitted - and clears all the frame mounts that were modded. We also checked the NOS hoses / solenoids etc for fitting. Plenty of room and still hidden ! ;)

The wooden template for the side panel almost finished .... I'm going to bring the line at the front [ bottom ] into the number plate at more of an angle, purely for cosmetics.

Found domed nuts for the heat shield fixings .... not sure ?

Next job will be the offering up / fitting of the half fairing.

Quite a few of the "odd jobs" getting ticked off now. ;D



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Found this little gem on Chinabay today. 8)

Stainless steel [ check the welds ! ] .

17 1/2" long [ spot on ] and I can place the outlet outwards or down ... whatever looks best.

There's a choice of baffles or not [ not seems good ;) ] and it's exactly the right size to match up with the collector.

£25.25 delivered !! :eek:



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May exceed decibel levels but looks really nice. Copy of a DanMoto I guess and they are a copy of something else I suppose. That Db killer is a little restrictive for a snorting 750 on squeeze.

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