Texas roll call

I knew the Northerners would come calling-you guys have a really nice scene. There's a few Texas related threads in the Midwest section. I told the mods that Texans needed their own section- Texas IS a region ;D
Hell yeah! I've got to find out more about the Dallas scene. I've been wanting to do build a cafe bike for a couple years now so I didn't even know how big the Texas scene was. Look forward to finding more fellow riders in the area.
Want to check out the Dallas scene, come to the Amsterdam Wednesday night or the Dubliner on Greenville Sunday afternoons. We'll be there drinking. Here's a pic from the booth we had at IMS in Dallas last weekend.


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Central Texas here, about a 100 miles from anywhere. Just bought a '72 cb500 I am building on. I had another one b4, but decided to turn it into a parts bike since it wasn't running and had no title.
Haha, shiner is a little too far southeast of where I live. I live in a little town called Mason. Dead center of Texas almost.
I spent a lot of time in Kerville, but that is about as far NW as I regularly traveled. You need a dirt tracker out that way.
Oak Cliff (Dallas) here. I've got a RD400 that I ride and a CB360 I'm building (check out my build thread). Looking to get into the scene as I just started riding recently.
Actually, there are alot of really nice places to ride around where i live. Lots of FM and RR highways. I wouldn't take any of them at night because of deer tho.
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